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Amidst fears of job security and a failing economy, CareerJunction has published its job index for September. This index reflects the job skills which are being searched for by employers in South Africa.

The CareerJunction Index (CJI) represents online labour dynamics in South Africa by providing a detailed analysis of the relative ratio of supply and demand in the online job market. Furthermore, the CJI is based on comprehensive data gathered from the CareerJunction website.

Being the first index of its kind, The CJI directly monitors the online labour market in South Africa by examining supply and demand trends. According to CareerJunction, the information is based on professions across all industries.

As a cloud of negativity looms over South African jobseekers, CareerJunction highlights that hiring activity increased by 4% during September, while job search activity increased by 12%.

Additionally, the demand for professionals in the business and management, sales, warehousing and logistics, manufacturing and assembly, admin, office and support, as well as architecture and engineering have increased.

According to the index, trending jobs include:

Admin Clerk

Average salary offerings for a skilled level position:

  • GP R12,698 to R15,985 p.m.  
  • WC R11,425 to R14,123 p.m.
  • KZN R8,995 to R11,200 p.m.

Senior Management

Average salary offerings for a managerial level position:

  • GP R64,335 to R80,931 p.m.  
  • WC R53,285 to R66,508 p.m.  
  • KZN R50,297 to R58,505 p.m.

Executive Management / Director

Average salary offerings for an executive position:

  • GP R81,812 to R108,122 p.m.
  • WC R55,147 to R107,467 p.m.  
  • KZN R63,296 to R101,786 p.m.

CareerJunction explains, “Trending jobs provide an indication of positions that have become more popular in the online job market and have seen a recent spike in demand.”

Moreover, CareerJunction’s research shows there are sought-after skill sets in the job market which have been trending, even despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

These in-demand job skills are:

Software development skills remain in high demand. Hiring activity for software developers increased by 10% during September 2020.

Managerial staff is in high demand in the South African job market. Sales managers and finance managers are particularly well sought after.

Demand for sales consultants is slowly growing and increased by 16% during September.

While these job skills are among the most sought-after professions in the country, there are job skills which are currently not in demand.

Currently, hiring activity remains at a reduced level for professionals in ICT, cleaning, maintenance and repair, and marketing.

The demand for medical and health professionals has also decreased during September, this follows high recruitment activity from June to August 2020.

With a number of job skills in demand in South Africa,  jobseekers have some good news to enjoy! 

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Author: Quinton Boucher

Edited: Calvin Swemmer


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