Newcastle’s Hospital Street to see multi-million Rand housing project erected

Newcastle Mayor, Newcastle Municipality, housing development, Newcastillian
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Massive changes are heading Newcastle’s way, following the announcement of a multi-million Rand housing project to be built in Hospital Street. A street in an area of the town, home to the private hospital along with other medical practices. 

This follows an announcement by Newcastle Mayor, Cllr Dr Ntuthuko Mahlaba on Wednesday, 14 October 2020.

During the soil turning ceremony, assuring the Hospital Social Housing project will be beneficial, Dr Mahlaba emphasised, “This will change the face of Newcastle and bring people closer to economic activity.”  

Newcastle Mayor, Newcastle Municipality, housing development, Newcastillian

This, he says, will not only be seen in terms of economical development, but also in rates and taxes being brought to the municipality. Furthermore, it will create a substantial number of job opportunities for local residents.

According to the mayor, the R623 million housing project will see a staggering 1 200 people being employed. Additionally, Cllr Dr Mahlaba assures the building equipment and material will be sourced from local businesses, thereby pumping further cash into Newcastle.

He adds, “The Newcastle Municipality will also ensure all sub-contractors are locally sourced.”

As the housing development will act as a foundation for positive things to come, the mayor adds the initiative is also the first black-owned project in the KZN province. Thereby, seeing black business building itself up and establishing itself within the community.

With the housing project being built in Hospital Street, what are your thoughts? Do you feel it will prove to be beneficial to the community and economy? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Author: Quinton Boucher

Edited: Calvin Swemmer


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