Gangsterism and violence out of control in NKZN, sees community march in protest

Gangs, Violence, Newcastillian, Osizweni, Police
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As previously reported, gang activity and violence have poured onto the streets of Osizweni, leaving residents fearing in their homes. However, now sick and tired of the injustice happening within the area—these once fearful people unified in protest for a safer environment. 

This follows a gathering on Friday morning, 9 October 2020, whereby Osizweni residents marched in unison to the Osizweni Police Station.

Jobi Simelane, one of the organisers, explains, “This march is about crime. It is about the gangsterism, our children being stolen, as well as the abuse against women and children. We need the police to do their jobs, because, at the moment, it seems as if they are assisting the drug dealers.”

With the focus on crime, domestic violence, and gangsterism, Jobi explains that the community is tired of living in constant fear.

Osizweni, Violence, Gangs, Police, Newcastillian

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One of the participants in the march, Hlengiwe Moyo, adds that one of the biggest reasons she joined the event, was because she had a responsibility to her family and neighbours.

She elaborates, “Our children are being killed. As a mother, I am scared for my child’s safety. At the moment, we cannot allow our children out of our sight for a second. The violence is threatening our very safety as a community.”

Osizweni, March, Violence, Gangs, Newcastillian

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Once at the police station, the participants of the march handed over a memorandum. This memorandum highlights the matters which they feel needs to be addressed within the community.

Osizweni, Gangs, Violence, Police, Newcastillian

Captain Sipho Nkosi, of Osizweni Police Station’s Communication’s Department, explains the SAPS will scrutinise the memorandum before responding to the community.

As the community refuses to be victimised and looking for solutions, the time has come for both residents and the SAPS to work alongside each other to eradicate this terrifying, perpetuating threat within the region.

Authors: Quinton Boucher and Calvin Swemmer

Edited: Calvin Swenner


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Quinton Boucher

Quinton Boucher

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