Crime proofing, make your child a fighter and not a victim—here’s how (with videos)

Crime proofing, make your child a fighter and not a victim, Newcastillian

Living in a country drenched in crime takes a toll on you as a person. Many people from first world countries are not able to understand this level of humming intensity—which is faced by every South African regardless of race, financial status or age. 

But it’s not just about crime stats, it is about the small challenges a crime-riddled country offers daily.

Yes, you can carry a firearm, but let us face it if you shoot someone, your life as you know it will more than likely be forever changed—as this is not Texas and shooting people is highly frowned upon in South Africa.

You can carry a stun-gun, but in reality, a group of humans attacking you will not even notice the stun-gun and let’s be honest, trying to get a stun-gun or pepper spray out your pocket or bag—will be the last thing on your mind as four motivated individuals try to relieve you of your possessions or worse.

If you are a parent, are you protecting your child or disabling them? You live in one of the most murder ridden, rape infested countries on the planet, thus ensuring you and your loved ones can fight back is paramount to your sanity and liveability in these times.

This is why below you will find a collection of training videos on the basics of fighting—noting that nothing beats sparring, but preparation and effort have always been a successful combination for humans over the generations. 

Author: Calvin Swemmer


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