Newcastle’s Melanin makes Idols SA top 16

Melanin, Idols SA, Newcastillian
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As the reality TV series, Idols SA progresses through its 16th season. It appears, a robust talent from Newcastle, KZN has been captivating the judges and audience alike.

One of this year’s competitors is 21-year-old Asimbonge Zwane, a Newcastillian who has successfully secured a place as one of the top 16 finalists in the show.

With a future career in the music industry, bracing herself for the last remaining stages of the competition, Asimbonge, who goes by the stage name of Melanin reflects on why she entered Idols SA.

Beginning with, “Idols is a big platform to showcase your talent. But not only that, it grooms you in more ways than one, in that you are industry-ready.”

Melanin does, however, say one of the reasons she entered Idols SA was to prep for the music industry. Going on to elaborate, it was not just about her talent, but rather knowing what to do with it in the outside world.

She adds, “The experience has been nothing short of amazing. Everyone we work with is exceptionally professional, and they manage to make us feel like we are someone and something.”

Melanin, Idols SA, Newcastillian
Photo credit: Idols SA.

Now, after making it to the top 16, Melanin shares her thoughts on her journey through the competition thus far, “I felt happy, anxious, excited, all of those emotions in one. At one point in my life, this was truly only a dream, now I am getting to live it, and I can’t express how blessed I feel. I hope to grow, both my talent and mental awareness of self, so that no matter what comes with Idols and after Idols, I can tackle it. I hope to be seen in the industry and for it to be able to open doors for me even if I do not win the competition.”

When looking down the line, Melanin says her long-term goals for her music career includes releasing music, hosting live performances, and receiving awards, but to mention a few. “Everything that has to do with music, I want to be part of, on a larger scale of course. Oh, and make money,” she laughs.

But what precisely about music does she enjoy and when did she begin singing?

Explaining, “I think as soon as I could speak, my mom plugged me into music. I enjoy music because it not only reminds me of my family; but also manages to deal with any situation I’m in emotionally and mentally. If I’m sad, happy or angry music is the solution.”

When digging a bit deeper into the origins of her stage name, she says the reason she opted for the name Melanin was for a specific reason—a name which signified that she would not be a victim.

“I was bullied in primary school, and one of the reasons for that was because I’m dark in skin colour. So, when I grew older and not only accepted myself, but also realised the beauty in it, I decided to embrace it the best way I know-how which is through music. Since I use it as my stage name, people have no choice but to recognise the beauty in it,” she emphasises.

Melanin, Idols SA, Newcastillian
Photo Credit: Idols SA.

With a strong personality and her goals set for the future, Melanin says her role model is not just one person. Saying, “It is everyone who does better every day in life. It’s everyone who doesn’t give up in life. It’s everyone who looks to God and is encouraged to be better even greater than they were even a few hours ago.”

On the back of these powerful words, Pixelfish Marketing and it’s brand, The Newcastillian – Online News, wishes Asimbonge Zwane (Melanin) all the best for the remainder of her journey in Idols SA. You are truly doing Newcastle proud!

Authors: Quinton Boucher and Calvin Swemmer
Edited: Calvin Swemmer


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