OPINION: Guys, getting old sucks! If you are over 21, this one’s for you

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"Paying for your, "young and restless" (pun intended) lifestyle seems to come to fruition literally on your 36th birthday. Yes, you might think this is a bit of a bold statement, but going on my recent experience, I am now a believer."

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If, like the USA, South Africa was more liberal or rather lenient on the profane language allowed on such a medium, as a person who recently cracked 36, I could use some mighty fine colourful words to describe this getting old business.

Paying for your, “young and restless” (pun intended) lifestyle seems to come to fruition literally on your 36th birthday. Yes, you might think this is a bit of a bold statement, but going on my recent experience, I am now a believer. 

Let’s just get right into it: Your testosterone levels begin to decline and from the age of 30 years old your man making juice, steadily declines by just over 1 percent per year according to healthline.com (https://www.healthline.com/health/low-testosterone/testosterone-levels-by-age#adulthood). Bearing in mind low testosterone levels are linked to weight gain, depression and muscle loss, but to name a few. 

This wonderful reality coupled with a gearing down metabolism, resulting in Cricket Test Series length hangovers, niggly little creeks in our knees and necks coupled with us becoming moody and weepy is what awaits you in your third decade on this planet. 

So, you think this joyless reality could not kick you any harder, you now in your 30’s have the potential of enjoying a silver fox look down yonder. 

What’s that you ask, how about bone density, well according to an article on thelist.com ( https://www.thelist.com/31651/really-happens-body-turn-30/ ) after the ripe tender age of 30 your bone density begins to decline, leading to a potential life with osteoporosis. 

So, what is the moral of this rant? Understand that you are not immortal and what you do today, your body will either thank you for or hate you for, later on down the road.

Now yes, we all hear, read and watch adverts, with some ripped individual, jogging in perfect sports attire, a cheerful smile, a whimsical sunset in the background, captioned with a slogan to the tune of, ” Be your best”, or “Your health is everything”, resulting in you and I not taking this health thing all to serious. 

The problem is, as young people we see the future as something non-tangible, but as a generation who lives in a world driven by the intangible (the internet) you would, or at least, I would hope, young people could realise that downing a bottle of spirits, for example, to act tough in front of your mates today, could result in kidney stones at 36. Food for thought.

Taming your age is everything, train harder, eat better, live smarter because we are blessed to live in an era of modern science whereby, we are able to counter some of the above-mentioned celebrations of ageing. But for the most part, if I wasn’t that guy who did everything to send his liver, kidneys, lungs and limbs to boot camp on a continues basis, life today would be filled with a lot less medical aid claims and trips to Dischem. 

In the good spirit of saving our youth, what is your advice to young people in preserving their bodies for as long as possible?

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