Clicks and Checkers rinse TRESemmé off their shelves

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As this South African saga continues seeing many tempers foaming, TRESemmé appears to be taking the biggest knock. This follows Clicks announcing, the removal of TRESemmé products from all stores. In addition to this, Shoprite owned, Checkers will be following suit, removing all of the hair brand’s products from their shelves.

This in spite of TRESemmé South Africa lathering on an apology for the images used in the advertisement. Where they publicly stated, “The campaign set out to celebrate the beauty of all hair types and the range of solutions that TRESemmé offers, but we got it wrong. The images are not in line with the values of our brand, or of Clicks. TRESemmé South Africa apologises for the offence these images have caused. We also apologise to the Clicks group.”

The hair brand is now looking into the matter and why it wasn’t picked up. They have further assured, under no condition, will this happen again, through taking all the necessary steps.

In the wake of violent protests, Clicks is implementing a number of proactive measures to drive diversity and inclusivity. This will apparently be done while helping develop and expand the local beauty market, in partnership with the government.

Furthermore, apart from suspending all those involved in publishing the recent offensive advertisement, Clicks has also accepted the resignation of the senior executive responsible.

CEO Vikesh Ramsunder says all suspended employees will go through a fair and unbiased disciplinary hearing. To ensure a fair hearing an independent outside chairperson will oversee the hearing. 

In addition, Clicks will be engaging with all suppliers to enforce their ethical code of conduct and has been involved in extensive discussions with the departments of labour and trade and industry over the past few days. The health and beauty retailer will now be working closely with them to help develop the local beauty market in South Africa.

With the retailer, coming under national fire, Clicks announced all of its stores would be closed on Wednesday, September 9. But they assured business would resume today, 10 September 2020.

Ramsunder explains the stores were closed for the day due to Clicks recognising the significant impact the event has had on people and their customers.

According to Ramsunder, they used this opportunity to engage directly with all their store staff across the country, in order to provide counselling and support. Clicks was supported by the ICAS Employee Health and Wellness Programme.

In conclusion, Ramsunder states, “We are prioritising our diversity and inclusion training programme for our head office staff. We will be reviewing its content, extending it wider and implementing with more urgency and focus. We are working with the SAPS to ensure the safety of our staff, customers and members of the public, and thank them for continuing to shop with us.”

There are however concerns regarding the matter in which this was all dealt with. Legally addressing a concern or issue is imperative and should be the standard approach for every South Africa, as this maintains an essential component of society, law and order. This is why we have attorneys and a legal system in a democratic country. Adversely, illegal, violent action should not be the tool nor accepted medium in which to motivate an agenda.

What are your thoughts on the response from the retailers?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Authors: Quinton Boucher and Calvin Swemmer

Edited: Calvin Swemmer


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