Mediclinic Newcastle resumes elective surgery and assures the hospital is safe

Mediclinic Newcastle, Newcastillian
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With the Northern Kwa Zulu-Natal community and indeed the rest of the country now successfully overcoming the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic; Mediclinic Newcastle provides valuable insight into how the potential delay in patients seeking care for chronic conditions may have impacted the community more than some may realise. This coupled with informative information from some of the leading medical professionals in the area, will aid in guiding you to make the correct decisions regarding your health and well-being.

“We understand that many people may be avoiding hospital Emergency Centres or attending regular check-ups for their chronic conditions. We recognise that we have been told to stay home in order to reduce the risk during the lockdown period. We are also aware of the concern that individuals may have of catching the virus by coming to a hospital. We want to reassure our community that it is safe to seek care,” says Japie Greyling, Hospital General Manager of Mediclinic Newcastle.

Greyling continues, “We want to assure our community that the hospital has put all the necessary measures in place to manage both COVID and non-COVID patients. Our hospital has resumed elective surgical procedures to ensure that patients are not delaying much-needed care and our units are operating well within capacity to treat those requiring assistance.”

Adding to this, Mediclinic Newcastle has implemented screening for patients, staff and other individuals coming to the hospital.

“We have separate COVID and non-COVID related treatment areas to further reduce your risk. Our staff have all been equipped with the necessary PPE to ensure that we are able to care for all our patients, whatever their medical needs. Each patient is issued with a cloth mask for the period of admission should they not have their own, unless a surgical mask is appropriate, to further reduce the risk of transmission.”

Acknowleging the dedication and efforts of the Mediclinic Newcastle team, Dr Xolisa Mgele, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Mediclinic Newcastle, adds the Mediclinic Newcastle COVID-19 team, consisting of doctors, staff and hospital management, has done a sterling job at navigating the hospital through the COVID-19 storm.

“We believe that this invaluable experience has better prepared us for any similar challenges in the future. However, with the decline in the number of infections, we are able to fully focus on our patients who have traditionally sought care in our hospital. We are ready to offer world-class orthopaedic, spine, neurosurgical and other elective services that significantly improve the quality of life and alleviates pain for our patients,” says Dr Mgele.

Mediclinic Newcastle goes on to further reassure their patients of the high standard of safety by pointing out, they have ‘green’ or COVID-negative wards. A feature for Newcastillians to note.

“This has led to our hospital resuming the much-needed elective surgeries which had been suspended. Further delay in these elective surgeries will eventually result in a deterioration of the quality of life and may even lead to life-threatening complications for the patient,” explains Dr Josh Matambo, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Mediclinic Newcastle.

The Doctor continues to say, “With this in mind, it is important for the patient to visit their personal doctor, who will reassess when the planned surgery can be performed. The resumption of surgical cases is based on a carefully implemented incremental process to ensure the best clinical outcomes as capacity has become available.”

Drawing our attention to the fact patients need to be aware that there is a new look and feel to the hospital, for the single purpose of ensuring patients as well as healthcare workers’ safety.  Dr Matambo says, “These safety standards follow both local and international health guidelines, In fact, it is safer to be in the hospital than the shopping centre, as all patients’ COVID status is known.”

Therefore, ensure you speak to your doctor and do not delay the inevitable care you require, your health is a priority. Mediclinic Newcastle is ready to safely receive you.


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  1. I would like to tank Mediclinic nd their staff members for a gud work. They are taking gud care of our family, nd i also like to say Bravo to their staff member Sir Ntokozo Cyril Mthembu his in ICU dat man knows his job they use to call him Profesor his got a colling to his job m where i am because of him m still alive because of him Mediclinic please give that young man a n Award his a atar. I tank you

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