Former Newcastle Municipal Manager, Kebone Masange, arrested!

Kebone Masange, Newcastillian
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Former Newcastle Municipal Manager for the Newcastle Municipality, Kebone Masange, was arrested on September 1.

Masange is a well-known figure in Newcastle, due to his work as the former MM. He eventually left the Newcastle Municipality and took on the role as the head of Mpumalanga’s Human Settlements Department in 2015.

However, on Tuesday morning, he was arrested by immigration officers who swooped down on him in Pretoria. This follows allegations that he had multiple identity documents in his possession.

According to reports from the national population register; Masange was issued with three different identity documents, a clear violation of the law. Adding to this, all three identity documents were issued on three different dates. Opening up an array of questions, such as, what has been achieved using these alternative identity documents?

It is speculated that he allegedly applied for two of the identity documents, one as a South African citizen and the other as an exempted Zimbabwean citizen (which was granted back in 1997).

Masange hails from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) amnesty states that to qualify, an applicant needed to have continuously lived in South Africa since July 1991.

Been charged for fraud in contravention of the Immigration Act, Masange appeared at the Pretoria Magistrate Court on September 3. He was then released on a warning and is expected back in court on September 11, pending further investigations which are being conducted by the Hawks’ Gauteng serious corruption investigation unit.

We will keep you updated on the matter. But in the meanwhile, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below?

Authors: Quinton Boucher and Calvin Swemmer

Edited: Calvin Swemmer


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3 Responses

  1. Not throwing stones but the Bible indicate in Psalms 37 verse 7 to 9 that God will punish those who do wrong. You think you will get away with corruption and steal from people, you end up caught and you will lose everything. For God will send the people to find and execute you. Don’t want to be in his shoes. Must have been a wake up call eventually.

  2. You doing a great Job in Newcastle and Surrounding Quinton… it is important to give honor where it’s due.

  3. What goes around comes back to you called Karma. Still to come if they can investigate deeper into corruption of Newcastle and Mpumalanga.

    If Hawks could dig deeper into Newcastle a lot will be assist them in apprehending the criminal

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