Breakthrough expected in the murder investigation of Glen and Vida Rafferty

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Seeing the pendulum swing in the favour of justice, just days after the horrific murder of Glen and Vida Rafferty. Police have already begun to make breakthroughs in the case, igniting hope in all who starve to see these murderous felons behind bars.

According to Police Minister Bheki Cele, police are on the verge of a breakthrough and are currently following up on strong leads in the murder investigation.

With farm attacks being a leading concern in South Africa, Cele further states, police have made significant progress in similar attacks regarding other cases, thereby successfully arresting those involved in the attacks.

Visiting the area on Wednesday, September 2, Cele assured the Normandien community that the current rural safety strategy in the area will be revised. Initially launched in 2019, the reviewed strategy was aimed at taking a holistic approach to rural safety. This included collaboration between not only the Government and Private Sector but with the civil society as well.

Cele stresses, officials have committed themselves to engage with the community and map a strategy which will address the challenges in the Normandien area. This includes determining whether the personnel servicing of the area is enough to address any issues and seeing what role the community can play, ensuring security is enhanced for both farmers and the community at large.

With a sense of unease prevailing, Cele has also called for calm within the community, assuring South African’s, the police have a good track record in resolving farm murders.

With Cele confident that police are expected to make a speedy-breakthrough in the case, the community now waits with bated breath to see his words transform into result. 

Authors: Quinton Boucher and Calvin Swemmer

Edited: Calvin Swemmer


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3 Responses

  1. Police have a good track record solving farm murders????????
    What about preventing them ?
    What about addressing the problem …..

  2. After I listened to a person(can not recall his name) on TV which were willing to put up R1 000 000 for information regarding the Rafferty murders I am ashamed and wondering what the rest of us do to stop this murdering of farmers and innocent people. One thing that came to mind is why don’t somebody put up a organisation to donate money which can be used as reward for information leading to arrests and convictions. If only a million of us donate R50 per month to this cause it will be 50 million rand a month that can be used for this. The police are not able to stop this at this stage, these murderers and thieves are doing this for money, and in farmers case to drive them of there farms so lets use money to stop them. If we put up a reward of 5 million then the change is so much better to catch 10 murderers a month. Very few people can resist a reward of 5 million rand.
    Remember the food security of this country depends on keeping successful farmers farming and the rest of us to be able to do our daily tasks with less fear of getting murdered for a cell phone etc.

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