St Dominics Newcastle’s age-old ringing of the bell. Paying tribute to those who have lost loved ones

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Forming part of the history of Newcastle, KZN, the ringing of the bell at St Dominics Newcastle is a tradition which goes back many generations.  

However, the early morning silence was broken, as the bell tolled, resonating throughout Newcastle and echoing a call for silence, on Wednesday morning, September 2, all for a heartfelt cause. 

St Dominics Newcastle’s head boy, Mihir Lalbeharie, and head girl, Minette Janse van Vuuren rang the school’s bell paying tribute to those who have recently lost their lives.

Mihir explains the ringing of the school’s bell was also to pay their respects to the family of two fellow school goers, whose parents recently died due to COVID-19. As well as paying respect to the family and friends of Glen and Vida Rafferty, who died during a horrific farm attack over the past weekend. Furthermore, the bell was also rung for their former teacher, Johan Coetzee, who also passed away.

With the school bell echoing through Newcastle’s skyline, St Dominics Newcastle extends its heartfelt condolences to all those who have recently lost loved ones. “You and your families are all in our prayers. We salute you.”


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