Normandien farm attack leaves two dead, when will the violence against farmers end?

"Yet, another farm attack has seen two beloved Newcastillians being killed in Normandien on Saturday night, August 29, leaving the community deep in shock."

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As the brutal reality of farmer murders claims yet more lives while going unanswered for by SA Gov. Yet, another farm attack has seen two beloved Newcastillians being killed in Normandien on Saturday night, August 29, leaving the community deep in shock.

According to a source, Glen and Vida Rafferty, had visited friends in Newcastle on Saturday, prior to the attack.

The source says it is presumed they were attacked shortly after they returned home. It is believed the couple were overpowered by their attackers, before being killed. A security company patrolling the area made the discovery in the early hours of this morning, August 30.

Glen and Vida Rafferty – (Image submitted)

The source further claims their vehicle was stolen and later recovered, after it was abandoned near Ladysmith.

Lizzy Arumugam of Newcastle SAPS Corporate Communications has confirmed the double murder and stated, police are investigating the matter.

The extremes measures which people are having to go to, in order to get the South African Government to accept this insane reality does exist, let alone address it, shouts how the SA Government is truly not taking this major issue seriously. 

This after all the efforts by South Africans over the years, to get Government to firstly acknowledge farm murders and secondly, to do something about it. Such as the protest held by bikers around the country, who converged at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, protesting against farm attacks and racism in South Africa.

Furthermore, on August 25, the civil rights organisation AfriForum sent a request to Lt Gen. Khehla John Sitole, the National Police Commissioner, for a meeting to discuss strategies and suggestions to combat farm attacks and murders.

AfriForum also requested that the organisation be involved in the discussions and meetings that the SAPS plans to hold in cooperation with civil society organisations, with the aim of improving rural safety.

In a media statement by AfriForum, Ernst Roets, Head of Policy and Action at AfriForum, said 2020 has seen a wave of violent farm attacks and horrific murders. Roets feels the police should start treating these crimes with the priority they deserve. He also stressed AfriForum offered its full support in helping the SAPS to combat these heinous crimes.

With the NKZN community coming to terms with the attack on the Normandien couple, one can only wonder when the relevant steps will be taken to address the violent attacks on farming communities? As this pressing subject has not even enjoyed placing in the president’s topics of discussion when addressing issues within the country.

Earlier this year, the AfriForum Research Institute released an analysis focusing on farm attacks and farm murders during 2019.

According to the report, farm attacks have been increasing from 2011 onwards. For the 2019 calendar year, 552 farm attacks were reported and confirmed. When comparing 2018 with 2019, 27% more farm attacks were recorded by AfriForum. 57 farm murders occurred during 2019, which is three more than in 2018.

Looking further in the stats, out of the 552 farm attacks that were analysed, 905 victims were attacked in the 552 farm attacks that were analysed. In 57% of incidents, only one victim was attacked, whereas two victims were attacked in 30% of incidents.

The report also highlights that in 66% of the incidents, the victims were the owners and the owners’ families. The number of workers attacked over the past years has increased by 26%.

Earlier this month, Dianne Kohler Barnard MP – Chairperson of the DA Rural Safety Workstream issued a statement pertaining to farm attacks.

In her statement, she highlighted the importance of combating the scourge of farm attacks.

“While the South African Police Service (SAPS) have created plan after plan, farmers – black and white – , farm workers – black and white – , their wives, children and parents are today twice as likely to be murdered than a police officer is and four times more likely to be murdered than the average South African,” Barnard emphasised in her statement.

As more and more farmers, as well as their families and staff, fall victim to brutal farm attacks, when will it end? When will this destructive and mass issue be taken seriously by Government? Or better yet, why is an entire Government treating this like it does not exist? 

Pixelfish Marketing and the Newcastillian – Online News extends its heartfelt condolences to Glen and Vida Rafferty’s family and friends during these trying times.



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6 Responses

  1. My condolences to the family.

    My opinion here let the police check the security company if it is not involved.

  2. Quinton, this is such a good comprehensive report. Are you permitted to follow up the incident with an interview from the police to let the public know how the investigation into tracking down the culprits is going?
    Your diligence is appreciated. Well done!

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