Fire destroys historical items at Fort Amiel Museum

Fort Amiel, Fire, Newcastillian
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Firefighters braved a fiery inferno at Fort Amiel Museum, as flames engulfed one of the buildings at the museum.

Museum staff reported the fire at approximately 9am, after a veld fire swept onto the museum’s property. With the building at the far end of the property, closest to the fence sporting wooden window frames and having a substantial amount of wood inside, was soon engulfed.

A number of historical items were lost during the fire. According to Fort Amiel’s Curator, Louis Eksteen, these included antique furniture, an organ from the first Dutch Reformed Church and old printing press which was over 100 years. A number of stained window panes were also lost.

While the loss of the historical items is a loss, fortunately, the bulk of the museum’s artefacts were not in the building.

“We are extremely saddened by this loss; however, we are grateful the fire department responded timeously and not many artefacts were lost in the fire,” said Head of Newcastle Municipality’s Communications Department, Mlungisi Khumalo.

Following the fire, Khumalo stresses it is important that Newcastillians report any veld fire to the Newcastle Fire Department. This is to ensure no further losses to the Newcastle community.

Author: Quinton Boucher

Edited: Calvin Swemmer


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