Fortnite, the gaming phenomenon and parent “control” tool

Fortnite, Newcastillian
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From young to old, this revolution in gaming has captivated billions of hours of people’s lives, and it just keeps on growing. With ridiculous sums of sales being generated on Vbucks (the currency for the game), this global empire has taken the once niched gaming world and transformed it into a powerhouse of never-ending growth and opportunity. 

Bursting onto the gaming scene in September 2017, this beloved game grew at such a rapid rate, that as of May 2020, the platform held a mind-rocking 350 million players, enjoying a total of 3.2 billion hours in-game. 

Notably, over the past year, the game has seen an increase in around 100 million new players. 

As fantastic as these stats and numbers are, as parents, Fortnite opened up a new wave of opportunity, in the “get your child to do things” category. Need the grass cut? Fortnite has got your back, need the dishes washed? You guessed it, Fortnite has got your back.  

Yes, this is said in jest, but the reality is that the game holds quite a bit of earning potential for youngsters who can bring it. Looking at 16 year old, Kyle Giersdorf aka “Bugha” a youngster, who won a cool $3 million, when he took first place in the Singles competition during the Fortnite World Cup.  

Looking at two of South Africa’s best players, Adam “Neymar” Bhamjee and Kareem Khan, who both competed in several online and local tournaments between May and December 2019.  Neymar walking away with an estimated R57,000 in prize money and Kareem’s enjoying an estimated earning of R95 000 for 2019.  Just an FYI, both players are still in high school.

As lucrative and engrossing as this game is, many parents find themselves dealing with frustrated, obsessed children. But when a balance is found, parents can enjoy some of the benefits of controlling our young one’s favourite past time.

And finally, with music shows coming to a grinding halt during the COVID-19 pandemic many artists took the opportunity to perform live, in-game. From Deadmau5 to Travis Scott, tons of talented artists can be enjoyed on the platform. 

With more and more people joining the legions of the Fortnite community, has Epic Games created the ultimate gaming platform? A game where players can escape into a digital world while participating in social events. After nearly three years, it is clearly not a passing fad. 

Author: Quinton Boucher

Edited: Calvin Swemmer


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