2020 Hunting season on hold? Time to start looking for the best equipment while you wait

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Escaping into the wild outdoors is a perfect way to unwind and gather one’s thoughts.

For those who enjoy the wide-open spaces of nature, hunting for recreational purposes is more than a mere hobby. It is a way of life, where adventurous people, submerge themselves in the splendours of nature.

However, due to the pandemic, hunting for recreational purposes has come to a grinding halt. According to Government Gazette Vol. 661, 28 July 2020, No. 43564, issued by Barbara Creecy, Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment; only culling and sustenance hunting is permitted under the current regulations. This means that hunting is permitted, except when it entails hunting for sport or recreation.

On July 31, Minister Creecy has further clarified that overnight accommodation for hunters will be permitted in terms of further amendments to be made to the Directions for the Biodiversity Sector for Alert Level 3.

“Permitting hunters to sleep over at their hunting destinations, within the province in which they live, is in line with this week’s Cabinet decision to ease restrictions around leisure travel,” said the Minister.

With further amendments in line for the future, hunting enthusiasts are waiting with bated breath to load up and head out. 

As they wait in anticipation, the Newcastillian looks at hunting equipment to look out for in 2020.

According to Huntalot, three of the best riflescope brands to look out for are:

Hawke Crossbow Scope 1 X 32 SR Reticle

Image credit: Huntalot.co.za

According to Huntalot, this magnificent scope carries high-performance optics and a fully-floating glass-etched illuminated reticle designed to increase your success in the field

Hawke Rife Scope – Airmax 3-9X40AMX

Image credit: Hawkeoptics.com

This scope offers 16 layer, fully multi-coated optics for exceptional precision. The wide view optical system is ideal for airguns. Map 6 Reticle.

Lynx Rifle Scope – LX 2-7X32D Professional Series

Image credit: lynx.co.za

Not only is this scope fully multicoated and features improved waterproofing, but it is also ideal for both professional and amateur hunters who shoot regularly.

When looking at rifles, there are an array of excellent firearms to choose from. However, for those who enjoy the thrill of the hunt, only the best will do.

We now look at three hunting rifles to acquire before you start hunting again.

Weatherby Vanguard .300 Winchester Magnum

Image credit: GunsInternational.com

This rifle is ideal for plains game hunting and comes with the standard Weatherby guarantee of sub-MOA accuracy. Add the flat shooting characteristics of the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge and you have the optimum rifle for taking long-range shots. This is the ideal rifle for Springbok or gemsbok.

CZ 550 .375 H&H

Image credit: GunsInternational.com

This beast of a rifle has a controlled, smooth round feed action, which is essential for hunting dangerous game. You know, the type of game which will fight back.

While ideal for hunting game such as the Cape Buffalo or elephant, the .375 H&H causes rather minimal damage to the hides of small animals, when using solid or controlled expansion bullets.

Ruger Guide Gun .375 Ruger

Image credit: Ruger.com

Designed to be not only rugged and powerful but easy to carry. This 2020 must-have is exceptionally accurate, which is a massive selling point. The Ruger Guide Gun seems to be becoming rather popular among professional hunters.

Like both the Ruger Hawkeye and the CZ550, the Ruger Guide Gun has a controlled round feed action.  While ammunition is not as easy to find, it is suitable for basically every species of plains and dangerous game.

While scopes and rifles form a pivotal part of hunting, the advancement of technology now gives hunters an extra edge when taking on the wild outdoors.

What gadgets should you look into acquiring for hunting?

Oregon Scientific Pro Color Weather Station

Image credit: Outdoor Warehouse.

According to Outdoor Warehouse, this snazzy device has a number of features which can come in handy.

Its features include:

–          Iconic weather forecast: sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, snowy

–          Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity

–          Displays wind speed and direction, wind chill and humidity

–          Barometric reading with bar graph

–          User-selectable altitude and display in mb/hPa or mmhg

–          Rainfall reading with bar graph

–          RF communication Protocol 3.0

–          Atomic time never needs adjusting for Daylight Saving time

–          Colour screen with backlight feature for easy viewing

–          Moon phase

–          Temperature display in C or F

–          Dimension (Main unit): W.94 x H.182.5 x D.51 (mm)

–          Powered by AC/DC

Garmin GPS Etrex 10

Image credit: Outdoor Warehouse.

Who goes hunting without some form of GPS? When hunting for an ideal GPS, be sure to check out the Garmin GPS Etrex 10 at Outdoor Warehouse. The Garmin GPS Etrex 10 offers paperless geocaching and advanced track navigation. It has a long battery life and includes a worldwide basecamp.

Further features include:

–          Paperless Geocaching

–          HotFix support

–          User Profiles

–          Improved track navigation

–          Increased storage capacity

–          Area calculation

–          IPX 7 Waterproof

Volkano Extreme Series 4K UHD Action Camera
Image credit: Volkano.com

What is a hunting trip without photographs to capture the moment? The Volkano Extreme series 4K UHD Action Camera sports a series of features to make your hunting trip memorable.

–          Display:2 LCD

–          Video: UHD 4K @ 30 fps

–          FHD 1080p @ 60 fps

–          Photo: 8 MP Still Photo Camera

–          Zoom: 4 x Digital

–          Battery: 1150 mAh Lithium-ion

–          Removable & Rechargeable

–          4K UHD 2160p Video Recorder with Wide Angle 170 Degrees Lens

–          Waterproof up to 30 meters

–          Built-in Wi-Fi & App Compatible

–          2 LCD Screen

–          Slow Motion & Time Lapse Functions

With a number of new products available, be sure to get your hunting gear stocked, packed and ready for when you are able to tackle the great outdoors again.


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