Sports: 3 Dominant Pro-Fighters & their knockouts. Plus who are Newcastle’s top fighters?

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The list of people who are amazing at kicking the turds out of others is endless. Coming from Northern KZN in the 80’s and being a fat kid, having the ability to land a tasteful right hook, was more than required, it was mandatory. 

But when looking at some of the monstrous, muscle toting fighters currently dominating the various divisions of the hurt business, one must realise how good they truly are. Simply due to the massive increase in new challengers being bred, in booming sports like Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA.

Right, let’s discuss some of the fighters who just have a dominant presence in the ring. Those fierce animals, who can ruin what your mama gave ya, in a single punch or leg kick. 

Coming in at number 3: Stipe Miocic  

Stipe Miocic is the two-time and current UFC heavyweight champion and when he is not putting people to sleep for the UFC, he is saving them as a hard-working firefighter. His record stands at an impressive: 19 Wins – 3 Losses.  What makes Stipe stand out, is his ability to read his opponent and his well-known skill to land well-timed powerful strikes. 

Watch this man go to town on these souls by clicking the link:

Sourced from UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Taking the number 2 spot: Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong

Meet the man who will kick your head so hard, he will erase your 5th birthday party from memory. This prized fighter is arguably the most legendary fighter in the global kickboxing world. With multiple titles to his name and massive victories under his belt, this icon deserves to be on the list.

His record stands at a ridiculous 124 wins and 31 losses. 

Click the link to watch this tough as nails fighting deity, bring nightmares to life:

Sourced from MUAY THAI

The number one slot goes to none other than the boxer, Tyson Fury

This human wrecking-ball, who feeds on the tissue of others through his gloves, is a two-time heavyweight boxing titleholder. And was ranked the world’s best active heavyweight by ESPN. 

He also makes it to number one status, simply because he has never lost in his professional career…never. His record stands at 30 Wins and 0 loses. To say this man is on another level goes without saying. His precision combined with his ability to control the fight puts him in a league of his own. 

Watch Tyson knockout so many once hopeful people by clicking the link:

Sourced from Boxing Channel

As unstoppable as these men are, Newcastle is known to have some legends walking among us. Men, and the occasional woman, who will or did once, wreak havoc if let loose. Who from Newcastle do you think deserves a shout out for their fighting skills? Let us know in the comment section below

Because we appreciate you our loyal Newcastillians, we have included a bonus video which is for amateur fighters needing to increase their punching speed. This is one of those awesome how-to videos, which actually does assist you! 

Give it a watch by clicking the link:

Sourced from FightTIPS


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