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The collision of chatter and mobile phones chiming and ringing, waiters shuffling cups and plates, as smile filled tables converse and connect, sitting shoulder to shoulder. Remember those moments, remember sitting in coffee shops, oblivious to viruses, like a medieval person. 

Shaking hands and hugging, have all become some form of contraband, which when given, makes you feel a bit rebellious. It is all quite strange.

It’s not so much about the obvious that has changed, it is about the day to day normalities which have faded into a time gone by. Going on holiday, going to a music festival, or simply going to get a pack of smokes, are now things of the past, with a shady timeline on their much-anticipated return. 

But, in this sacrifice, we obtained something new, something really positive. But we will get to that shortly. 

We had to escape the endless spin of the current world. For the most part, all I ever saw and lived were people’s created opinions and agendas, which were based on a variety of other like-minded people’s opinions but were being defended as fact. Let me explain.

If you were a person who was an anti-vaxxer aka vaccine risk-aware person as they now like to be known, you more than likely were a person who read some literature, most likely by Andrew Wakefield; who by the way is a discredited British ex-physician best known for a fraudulent 1998 study that falsely claimed a link between the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism.( Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Wakefield  link source).

You possibly watched a documentary or two, joined some forums and really felt you were onto something, regardless of the blinding volume of science and demand which supports the reality that vaccines truly do save lives and are one of the cornerstones of our survival as a species.  

The problem was not that you were ignoring the unarguable truth that vaccines save lives throughout the world on a daily basis. 

No, it was the endless pantomime we call comfortable living which compressed and condensed our worlds and by default train of thought, into not much more than Netflix binges, Instagram, racially and agenda-based political discussions, Puma sneakers, corruption, Dance Monkey, gossip, wine drinking posts, crime stats, The Voice, YouTube – how-to guides, sushi, Guess clothing sales, Cinnabon selfies, Fortnite, Beard oils, hashtags on everything, adopt an endangered animal logo on your profile picture and of course drunken get-togethers, which are more about the photos for Facebook, than the event whereby you leave and talk smack about the people you were just with, but always end with, “ag shame, but they are good people”. 

We were driven by financial and personal dominance and ironically self-inflicted depression and self-loathing. All fuelling our starvation to be accepted by someone, everyone. We became a species detached from the very source of our existence, this planet and all who live on it. Placing belief systems and fears over our home. We forgot about each other in the pursuit of our taught goals. Running our mouths about double bacon burgers and slow-cooked veal while posting “save the planet” memes. Or simply a “Karen” who preaches one thing yet practices another.  

Our lives were ill-adjusted and so self-indulgent. We were idiots living in complete survival luxury and had totally forgotten that the reality we live in is so fragile and not real, that it rocked us to our core when this pandemic hit. It exposed the thin lining between our primal selves and our socially acceptable selves. Our big buildings, “non-collapsible industries” and sleek cities all ground to a halt and in but a few moments, everything that had run like clockwork had now, truly just stopped. 

Waking up in this new reality is terrifying, but it is a reality which is seeing many people bonding with their families for the first time in decades. Moms and Dads not being dominated by their children, but rather taking control of their little one’s food options, mental stimulation and physical development. 

Which brings me to my next point, how good is the food these days?! 

I used to pack in saturated fats for the first team, spending ridiculous amounts of money on fast foods and restaurants, as they were a form of entertainment in our mundane existence. Now my misses and I plan meals, we get excited to try our healthy recipes and the reality is, my family is less sick, and we are saving thousands on silly spending. (Yip, I just sounded like a cheesy Glomail advert. No offence Glomail, you inspired me to sell things)

I am seeing people wanting to break away from the once normal business world and rather work from home, as sitting in an office for 8-12 hours a day is simply put, insanely bad for your sanity. We are realising that a healthy life, filled with family and true friends (not the trash talkers), is just so much happier. Knowing your husband or wife, I mean knowing them. Becoming best-friends, youthful lovers and straight-up crazy people, who feed off of one another’s happiness, as opposed to feeding on each other’s happiness, is the result of this all.

Lockdown stopped our world’s from spinning but in reality and not looking at just our human economical challenges. We note that the oceans needed it, the air needed it, the animals needed it. But most importantly you as an individual needed it. We were broken and stuck in a loop, led only by our joy for Fridays, bad ideas and December holidays. We were not human anymore and therefore our possibility to show compassion and logic was completely covered by the rubbish lives we had created.

The earth stopped and so did we. That is something to be grateful for, not hate. 

We now have this unique opportunity to create the new worlds we have for so long been preaching about on our timelines. We also get to see politicians for who they are and what they actually want and we get to meet ourselves for the first time, in a time of great change, which my friends has truly, only just begun. 

Author: Calvin Swemmer

Editor: Quinton Boucher

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Wakefield  link source


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