Newcastle murder update: Three suspects arrested, as community remembers fallen member

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Tragedy struck on Sunday, July 26, when a factory owner was brutally murdered. He was tied up, hit with a hammer, before being strangled to death.

The suspects then fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash, jewellery, and the factory owner’s firearm.

Following his death, Newcastle Police now have three suspects in custody. According to a police source, two of the suspects were arrested hours after the murder. The third was arrested in Madadeni on Tuesday night, July 28.

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As the SAPS search for the remaining suspects, will the deceased’s family and the Chinese community find justice?

Alex Liu explains that the Chinese community is thankful that the police swiftly arrested three suspects. “However, we will be following the legal process to ensure the remaining suspects are apprehended and everyone involved is convicted.”

As the police continue their investigations, Cooper Yao explains that Peter Chan’s death will be felt deeply within the Newcastle community.

“Peter came to South Africa 22 years ago, and has been in Newcastle for about 17 years. During his time here, he touched the lives of several people. He was a caring man, who always wanted to help those in need.”

As the owner of a clothing factory in Stephenson Street, Peter also helped the community with an array of traditional medical practices which included acupuncture. Cooper says this stems from Peter’s desire to help others.

Peter is survived by his son and wife. However, Cooper says for many in Newcastle, Peter was just as big a part of their families.

“He was truly a good friend and for me, he was a father figure. He will be missed,” Peter concludes.

Pixelfish Marketing and the Newcastillian expresses its heartfelt condolences to Peter Chan’s family and friends during these trying times.

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