Stephenson Street factory owner strangled to death

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Four men are on the run from the police, following the murder of a factory owner.

The factory owner, whose business is situated in Stephenson Street, was killed by four of his employees on Sunday, July 26.

Alex Liu, a local businessman, explains the alleged suspects have been working for the victim for a week. They strangled him with ropes and tape.

Following the death, the suspects fled the scene with the factory owner’s firearm and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Chinese business owners are now looking at taking a stand.

“Chinese factory owners are now in discussions to close their factories for four weeks. This will be in protest against the violence carried out against Chinese business owners. As well as the false allegations made against Chinese business owners.”

While factory owners are considering shutting down their business activities for a month, Liu says it is disappointing that certain politicians are using muscling tactics against Chinese business owners.

These tactics include unfounded rumours that the Chinese business owners keep their employees in the work premises and don’t pay their staff the regulated salaries.

Liu says Chinese business owners are more than willing to work with the Department of Labour. This is to prove the allegations are false. The allegations apparently play a role in Chinese business owners being attacked.

Police are investigating the crime and are searching for the alleged murderers.


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5 Responses

  1. Its public knowledge the Chinese factories in Newcastle are underpaying their staff, and force the people from Lesotho and eSwatini to work long hours without rest.

    Department of labour officials are given clothes and R 500.00 cash money to shut them up. If Chinese wants to operate peacefully, they must stop paying employees R 400.00 per week and comply with the country’s labour relations.


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