Madadeni to experience load reduction

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Eskom will continue with load reduction in parts of KwaZulu-Natal today, July 23. This is to prevent networking overloading caused by illegal connections, vandalised electricity infrastructure and bypassed meters.

According to the power utility, overloading of networks leads to damage to the electricity infrastructure through explosions in overloaded transformers and mini substations. It also poses danger to people and property in the affected communities.

Currently, Eskom is battling to keep up with the increased equipment failure that is costing millions to repair.

Areas which will be affected by the load reduction includes Dannhauser, Ladysmith and parts of eThekwini as well as Newcastle and uMshwathi.

Early this morning, Drycut, Madadeni, Massondale and Musiskraal experience load reduction for two hours.

Madadeni will experience further load reductions this afternoon, from 5pm until 7pm.

As residents find themselves left in the dark, this is not the first time, Eskom has implemented load reductions in Newcastle. At the start of July, the power utility warned that it would be implementing load reductions within the Newcastle area.

This follows a statement issued by Eskom in June. In the statement, the power utility explained it was aware of the significant rise in network overloading in the Osizweni area. An issue which is due to illegal connections.

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As Eskom implements load reductions, it urges residents to treat all installations as live. To report illegal activities on Eskom lines, people can contact the Eskom Crime Lime number on 0800 11 27 22.


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