A rebel’s tale, dominating the business world through sheer grit

Calvin Swemmer, Newcastillian

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Frank Sinatra once said; “The best revenge is massive success”. 

Owning an SME is one of the most difficult projects you will ever set out to achieve. It will bring you to your knees and then your belly and then your spine. But the brave make it and become the heroes of the business world. 

This is a shout out to all the grinders fighting to keep their companies alive during this pandemic. 

Yes, you have people who are at a major advantage, then those at less an advantage and then less and then less, until you reach the very end of that scale, there you will find the rebels, as I like to call them.

A collection of people who have broken their minds, social structures, relationships, lifestyles, and of course self-perceptions, all in the pursuit of success, wealth and power. 

The rebels are people who do not receive privileged treatment when starting up their businesses. They do not have connections high up the food chain, nor do they have mommies and daddies who fund them. In most cases, the banks won’t even assist them. The rebels are true business people, they are the dreamers, the fearless and the forever adapting. 

They keep going, through tears and smiles, through hills and valleys. They cannot be stopped. These motivated individuals endure harsh treatment, working daily to prove their worth, through samurai-like focus, fuelled by a ferocious appetite for glory. 

They never back down, they never rest, nor do they sleep. They don’t do weekends and braais with mates once a week. Nor do they have any social responsibilities, why? Because rebels must always be winning, as every inch closer, brings them nearer to their unbreakable goal.

The connected and the privileged face challenges in their businesses, but nothing compared to the challenges faced by the rebels. 

These brawlers, start with nothing and due to never stopping, never giving up, find themselves becoming the kings and queens of industry. These people are business owners who genuinely care about their clients and staff.

Going to great lengths to ensure clients and staff are treated like gold, even when there is not much gold to give, like now in these trying times.

The rebels are people who through the Covid-19 pandemic have remained loyal to their goals, staff and clients. Have not just cannibalised their companies and all who call it home for the sake of their own benefit. In actual fact, the rebels will go without to keep the doors open and their staff’s families alive and well.

These souls, though fierce, are filled with many memories of being the little business, treated with hostility, who in spite of so many odds grew and dominated. These memories ground the rebels and give them that extra layer of care for others, unlike a lot of business owners. 

And that’s the difference in their final success, the people with advantages never hurt like them, never felt fear like them and never fought as hard as them.

This makes the rebels’ victory so much greater, so much sweeter. They become people who are etched into the stars, famous for revolutionary greatness. Have loyal staff and clients and are the living embodiment of motivation. 

So, to you fellow rebels, I salute you and enjoy your inevitable success.  


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