Local SAPS arrest alleged drug dealers, as well as people selling cigarettes and alcohol

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Local police officers are continuing their war on crime. Over the past few days, local law enforcement has arrested a number of people involved in drugs, motor vehicle theft and those contravening the regulations pertaining to the sale of alcohol and cigarettes.

During an intelligence-driven operation from July 17 to July 19, Osizweni police joined forces with the Osizweni Crime Prevention Unit, Osizweni Reservists and Newcastle Cluster Task Team,

The operation began with the team of officers arresting a man in Section D, Osizweni. He was found in possession of 192 small parcels of woonga.

Another suspect was arrested in Section E, Osizweni, for dealing in dagga. He was found with dagga weighing at 4.54kg.

In the Cavan area of Osizweni, another individual was arrested, for being in possession of mandrax.

Another two suspects were arrested in the Manzana area, Osizweni, for being in possession of mandrax. The officers found them with 17 full mandrax tablets.

Two more suspects from Osizweni were also arrested. Both men were taken into custody for being in possession of stolen motor vehicles.

In terms of contravening the lockdown regulations, the police arrested six men.

In Section A, Osizweni, one suspect was taken into custody for selling alcohol. He was found with eight crates of beer.

One man was arrested in Section C, Osizweni. He was arrested after he was found with 90 packets of cigarettes.

Four men were also arrested for breaking curfew by the officers, for breaking the curfew as per the lockdown regulations.

All the suspects are now facing charges and will appear in the Madadeni Magistrate Court.


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