Newcastillians pay tribute to the healthcare workers this Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela, Newcastillian
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Former President, Nelson Mandela is an iconic figure in the world. A man known for his dedication in bringing about equality, spending 67 years in the pursuit of social justice.

Every year, on July 18, Mandela’s birthday, people celebrate Nelson Mandela Day. It is a day where people are urged to spend 67 minutes reaching out to someone in need as a way of honouring Madiba’s legacy.

As the COVID-19 pandemic runs rampant in South Africa, scores of people are facing overwhelming challenges. People enduring hardships. However, there are those who give of themselves, caring for the sick and fighting COVID-19 every step of the way. These individuals are healthcare workers. Men and women who work as doctors, nurses, janitors, researchers and admin staff. These are people who put their lives at risk in the war against COVID-19.

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In honour of the sacrifice healthcare staff make, a group of friends gathered at Mediclinic Newcastle at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning, July 18.

With a banner and handing out scarves to the staff, the small group of friends thanked each doctor, nurse and every other staff member coming on duty for their dedication. Their contribution is not going unnoticed.

A special thanks goes out to Deo Victoria, All Wear and Pick n Pay Hutten Park, as they made the donation of the scarves possible.

With Mandela Day now under the belt, let’s not forget the health care sector during these trying times. Their willingness to help the sick reflects the dedication and compassion required in their chosen profession.

Nelson Mandela, Newcastillian
Nelson Mandela, Newcastillian


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