Sharnê Dheochand takes on Miss Teenager Universe RSA

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At just 17-years-old, Sharnê Dheochand is taking the modelling world by storm with her captivating beauty.

From representing Newcastle at the Zee TV Miss India SA finals in Durban and clinching the title of ‘Radiant Skin’to signing a contract with ABS Productions and being a part of the kykNet project Speeltoneel, Sharnê is well on her way to establish a name for herself in the beauty industry.

The local beauty queen has recently won herself yet another title. After being crowned Miss Bedazzle Newcastle 2019, she qualified as a finalist to compete in Miss Teenager Universe RSA 2020.

The pageant took place on July 11, at the Arto Theatre in Pretoria, where Sharnê clinched the title of the second princess. An achievement she is ecstatic about.

“The competition was tough, as it was Miss Teenager Universe RSA. I am so happy to have placed as the second princess in the huge pageant,” she says.

Sharnê further extends a heartfelt thanks to Warren Wade of Warren Wade Photography for her photographic portfolio and to Liezel de Gouveia who makes Sharnê’s dresses.

Now, following her accomplishment at the pageant, Sharnê says she will be focusing on her training with Desire Gardener and ABS Productions doe kykNet.

Photo credit: Warren Wade Photography.

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While she will be focusing on her acting skills for kykNet for the remainder of the year, Sharnê enthuses that she will definitely be returning to the modelling scene.

“Modelling and acting are my passion, so I will be pursuing a career in it,” she explains.

As she strives for greatness, who is her role model?

“I see my future self as my role model,”she explains, her sights set on the future.

As Sharnê establishes herself, she is truly leaving her mark in the world and putting Newcastle on the map.

Well done Sharnê Dheochand.


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