ITEC Newcastle pursues excellence, with Ronnie Naidoo at the helm

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In the pursuit of excellence, ITEC Newcastle stands in a league of its own. Striving to provide the business community with the best possible service.

As the business sector finds itself facing a series of challenges during the current pandemic, ITEC Newcastle is proving that it is a formidable force. This follows the business recently winning a national competition, where ITEC branches competed against each other over a period of 30 days.

The purpose of the competition, was to see which branch could reach its target, despite the challenges that COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown posed.

“COVID-19 was disastrous for business, although we were able to operate to a degree during Level 5 of the lockdown. This is as we were classified as an essential service,” explains Ronnie Naidoo of ITEC Newcastle.

With business suffering under the lockdown, ITEC decided to host the competition to motivate staff around the country. Giving staff a glimmer of hope in these trying times.

ITEC Newcastle managed to win the competition, going well over their target, and showing that the local economy was still going strong.

With the incentive competition seeing ITEC Newcastle competing against 52 branches and winning, Newcastle is truly honoured to have people who are dedicated to see business thrive in Newcastle.

But this is not the first award ITEC Newcastle has clinched. Naidoo explains that throughout the years, the branch has won several awards. This reflects the business’s aim of providing the Newcastle community with the best possible service.

With ITEC Newcastle winning numerous awards during the years, is the company’s success only due to its impeccable service? Or does the leadership of ITEC Newcastle also play a role?

“I started with ITEC Newcastle in 1993. Initially, I was offered a job with another company in Newcastle during 1992. I was meant to start in January 1993, but when I was supposed to start working, I was notified that all the posts were frozen,” says Naidoo.

This left him with a difficult choice. Would he have to leave Newcastle or would he rise to the challenge?

Naidoo decided to rise to the challenge and joined the ranks of ITEC Newcastle.

“I initially started to make money, so I could pay my rent, my bills and put food on the table for my family.”

As he set goals in place for himself, he rapidly established himself within the Newcastle community.

“I started in the post-apartheid era and my ex-boss was well known in the community. When he left, he vowed to close me down,” Naidoo explains.

However, this saw Naidoo become even more resilient and determined to succeed.

“It was difficult at first, especially as an Indian man knocking on white men’s doors to get business. For example, I had to push for an appointment with Mr Bosman, a former principal of Newcastle High School. When he saw how determined I was, he eventually agreed to an appointment with me and ITEC Newcastle has been servicing NHS ever since.”

Working tirelessly at the helm of ITEC Newcastle, Naidoo says there are several highlights that stand out in his career.

“Some clients have been with me for the past 27 years, which is one of my biggest highlights,” he emphasises.

Another highlight is the 25th anniversary of Naidoo leading ITEC Newcastle from strength to strength. Viewing the 25th anniversary as a milestone, Naidoo emphasises that ITEC Newcastle’s growth and strength can be found in its team.

“The team which we have assembled want to achieve things in life. If you have a team which wants to achieve success and has goals, you will find success.”

Furthermore, as ITEC Newcastle is a household name within the community, Naidoo adds that it is also important for businesses such as ITEC to always be involved in the community.

“During the pandemic, we have donated a number of hands-free sanitisers to under-privileged schools. We also have feeding schemes,” he explains. All this reflects ITEC Newcastle mission of caring for the community.

As a prominent businessman, how has Naidoo grown as a person?

“I have grown a lot. But I would not be where I am, if not for certain people showing me how to be successful. My family has also had to put up with me. I am a person who believes in taking chances and I have good business partners who are supportive.”

Through good relationships and striving to remain a household name, Naidoo says ITEC Newcastle does not sell prices. “We sell a service. Service is and always be important to us.”

As ITEC Newcastle clinches awards, constantly giving back to the community, it is truly a business which stands out from the crowds. 


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