Courageous woman fights back and overpowers rapist

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Gender-based violence is becoming more and more prolific in South Africa. While scores of women are falling victim to atrocious crimes, there are those who refuse to remain a victim.

One such woman hails from Buntingville in Ngqeleni. Her story is one of strength, after she arrested her rapist.

Jogging during the early hours of Saturday morning, July 11, the 41-year-old woman was attacked. The 21-year-old attacker dragged her into a nearby dongs, threatening to kill her if she did not co-operate. He then raped her.

According to police spokesperson, Captain Dineo Koena, when the suspect had finished raping her, she put up a fight, overpowering him in the process. Once she had him overpowered, she called for her brothers to come and assist her.

He was then taken into custody and handed over to the police. He is expected to appear in the Ngqeleni Magistrate Court, facing a charge of rape.

“I applaud the lady for her bravery. We must oppose bail in all aspects,” said the District Commissioner, Major General David Kanuka.

What are your thoughts on the woman overpowering her rapist? Do you feel stricter laws should be implemented for sex offenders? Share your thoughts and views with us in the comment section below.

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