Sasol donates 2000 litres of hand sanitiser to Newcastle Municipality

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Energy and chemical giant company Sasol has donated 2000 litres (80 bottles) of hand sanitizer to the Newcastle Local Municipality.

Sasol believes the donation will assist the community in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

Newcastle Speaker Cllr. Samke Yende and Municipal Manager Muzi Mayisela received the generous donation on behalf of the municipality.

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Cllr. Yende applauded Sasol’s generosity and has further urged the company to solidify its relations with the municipality. Both parties have agreed to meet again in a bid to build stronger ties and explore ways to assist the residents of Newcastle.

“We can only defeat Covid-19 if we unite as society. This is a time where we can all hold hands and face one common enemy. We don’t have answers at the moment, but we certainly have each other. I call upon the residents of this beautiful municipality to unite, in our diversity and confront this invisible enemy. This municipality will not fail its residents at such a crucial time, and we call upon all sectors to stand with us. Sasol’s donation will enable us to slow the rate of infection until a possible vaccine is found,” said Cllr. Yende.

Well done to Sasol for the generous donation.


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