Newcastle to experience Stage 2 loadshedding

Eskom, Newcastillian
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Eskom is implementing Stage 2 loadshedding as of today, July 10.

This follows a statement released by the power utility, which claims the loadshedding is due to the increase in generation unit breakdowns.

The loadshedding began at 12 pm today and will continue until 10 pm this evening.

“This loadshedding has been caused by an increase in plant breakdowns exceeding 3000MW of capacity. Eskom is working hard to return as many of these generation units to service,” the power utility claims.

According to Eskom, five generation units were taken off the grid last night, July 9, and this morning. A breakdown at the Matimba Power Station today has resulted in the need for loadshedding.

Two units at the Arnot Power Station, as well as a unit each at Kendal, Tituka and Majuba were taken off the grid last night and this morning, Eskom adds.

Eskom claims these removed more than 3000MW of capacity from the system. Furthermore, Eskom states the delayed return to service of a generation unit at the Duvha Power Station has also added significant pressure to the generation system.

“We urge the public to continue reducing electricity usage to help us minimise loadshedding,” Eskom states.

The power utility also requests the public to reduce electricity usage between 4pm and 10pm. This will apparently help in limiting the incidence of loadshedding.

This constrained supply situation may persist throughout the weekend.

The Newcastle Municipality has shared a roster, allowing Newcastillians to plan around the expected loadshedding.

Roster by Newcastle Municipality.


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