Road Traffic Management Corporation urges motorists to be cautious this winter

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With the lockdown regulations easing and several people returning to work, it seems road safety is becoming a priority.

This follows the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) expressing concern about reckless behaviour exhibited by some drivers on South African roads. 

According to the RTMC, this comes after a bus overturned in Mpumalanga on Sunday, June 28, killing 8 people and injuring 46 passengers. The incident occurred between Graskop and Dienjie road. 

Allegedly, the driver lost control of the vehicle while going through a mountain pass and overturned. Seven people died on the scene and another died later in hospital. 

The injured were transported to a local hospital for medical attention. A team from the RTMC will be working with other law enforcement authorities to investigate the cause of the crash.

In a separate incident, a team of RTMC’s crash investigators were rushed to the scene of a truck accident in Jozini, in Kwa-Zulu Natal, where a driver had lost control of the vehicle. 

The RTMC claims a high number of avoidable crashes are putting a heavy strain on the health care system.

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As the health care system is facing non-communicable and communicable diseases, including COVID-19, the RTMC urges motorists to drive with caution. Especially during the winter season.

“This is the period associated with a high number of crashes, because of poor visibility caused by mist in some parts of the country and veld fires,” the RTMC concludes.


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