Illegal connections result in discussions between Newcastle Municipality and Eskom

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Eskom is focusing on addressing the issue of network overloading and illegal connections. Issues which are becoming more problematic.

Recently, Eskom said it was aware of the significant rise in network overloading in the Osizweni area. An issue which is due to illegal connections.

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Following Eskom’s statement, Newcastle Municipality is now aware of the electricity disruptions in Madadeni, Osizweni and Blaauwbosch.

These power outages, the municipality was informed, was mostly caused by illegal connections in these areas.

While Newcastle Municipality does not supply these areas with electricity due to licensing rights, municipal officials are attempting to help find solutions. The municipality recently held talks with Eskom in a bid to try and solve the issue as speedily as possible.

Deputy Mayor Cllr. Reuben Molelekoa and the municipal technical team have been spearheading these talks with Eskom.

“We understand how illegal connections affect electricity supply in some areas around Newcastle. Even though we don’t directly provide electricity to these areas, mostly due to licensing rights, we’ve been engaging Eskom on behalf of our residents in bid to try and find long lasting solutions. We greatly sympathize with residents who are not guilty of illegal connections and those who must bear the brunt due to the actions of those who connect electricity illegally. We understand their frustrations,” said Cllr Molelekoa.

As the Newcastle Municipality attempts to assist, what are your thoughts on the matter? What steps do you feel need to be taken against those caught responsible for illegal connections? Share your thoughts and views with us in the comment section below.

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