Newcastle Municipality reaches out to the less fortunate during their time of need

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Newcastle Municipality is determined to bring about a positive change to the lives of those in need.

By doing so, the municipality is embarking on a campaign which provides social relief to the vulnerable during the winter and the current pandemic. This follows the Newcastle Municipality joining forces with the Department of Social Development to provide warm blankets to scores of residents, focusing especially on the elderly.

The program, which began on June 15, was aimed at responding to the immediate needs of the community during the COVID-19 lockdown. This program saw several beneficiaries beaming with excitement as they received high-end quality blankets to see them through the cold winter season.

Newcastle Municipality Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Reuben Molelekoa says partnerships with the Department of Social Development are key to eradicating social ills which continue to plague communities.

He further added that the municipality will continue to forge better working relations with other key stakeholders, in order to assist the disadvantaged.

“This municipality will always side with the poor and vulnerable and will never compromise that position. We will at all times reiterate to members of the community that we are a ‘caring and listening municipality’. COVID-19 is teaching us many valuable lessons; and some of these lessons are that we must share with one another, look after the needy and listen attentively to the needs of the community. We will continue to nurture our relationship with businesses who have joined forces with us, and we will engage them further post COVID-19.”

Deputy Mayor Cllr. Molelekoa praised the Department of Social Development for its efforts of providing much needed social relief during these uncertain times.

Well done to the Newcastle Municipality for reaching out to the less fortunate.


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