Newcastle Municipality to aid three families with housing

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A house is more than a place where you store your belongings and spend the night. It is your home, a place where you and your family gather in love.

With a house playing an instrumental role in one’s daily life, what happens when your house is destroyed? What happens when you lose your earthly possessions?

The Newcastle Municipality has recently responded to the housing needs of three families. This is after two houses were burned to ashes and one house brought to the ground due to inclement and hostile weather conditions.

Newcastle Mayor Cllr. Dr Ntuthuko Mahlaba led a delegation to assess land earmarked for a permanent home for the Nkabinde family, Ximba family and Methule family.

Newcastle Deputy Mayor Reuben Molelekoa, Speaker of Council Samke Yende and the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Human Settlements formed part of this delegation to also visit the families and provide much needed social relief. The families were also provided with food and warm blankets for the winter season.

The families were recently handed makeshift housing. These will accommodate them until the building of their houses begins during the upcoming week.

Newcastle Municipality, Newcastillian

“This is why we wake up every morning; to serve our residents at all costs. We’ve entered an era where our municipality has reignited and reinvigorated its efforts of being a people centred institution. Our urgency to respond to the daily needs of our community has been second to none, especially the Covid-19 lockdown period. This unusual cold winter season this year also prompted us to act with speed and ensure that these families have a roof beneath their heads. I reiterate, we are municipality by the people and for the people. This is our municipality, Umasipala wethu and we are constantly on the ground to serve our residents,” remarked Dr Mahlaba.

The three families are elated that they will soon have a home of their own again within the foreseeable future.

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