Newcastle Furrytails, the initiative which cares for Newcastle animals

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Caring for the less fortunate in communities often sees people extending a helping hand to their fellow man. However, the plight of animals is often forgotten.

Which is why there are special organisations and community driven initiatives which dedicate their time to the welfare of animals. One such community driven initiative is Newcastle Furrytails.

Spearheading the group is Amy Young and Cliff Reineke. Two avid animal lovers who dedicate themselves to the welfare of Newcastle’s animals.

“We look at rehoming animals whose owners can’t look after them anymore for a number of reasons. But before we rehome the animals, we do a thorough check-up on the adopting families. We also focus on sterilising feral cats and stray dogs,” says Amy Young.

Cliff Reineke explains they also focus on creating awareness, educating people on the correct way to care for their pets.

“Some people are not aware of how to properly care for their pets and it isn’t because of ignorance on their part. It is simply the way they were brought up. There are some people who think you should only feed their pets once a week,” says Cliff.

Newcastle Furrytails is also looking at assisting people who facing financial difficulties. This assistance involves helping sterilise the pets, as well as collect food for them.

With the initiative looking at holding a series of projects, the first campaign which Furrytails is looking at, is having the feral cats at Newcastle Mall sterilised.

Newcastle Furrytails, Newcastillian
Cliff Reineke and Amy Young from Newcastle Furrytails, with Dr Jacqui Burdon and Dr Jason Blick of Newcastle Veterinary Clinic.

Working closely with Newcastle Veterinary Clinic, Newcastle Furrytails relies heavily on donations and the public’s assistance.

“If anyone would like to assist us, they can make donations at Newcastle Veterinary Clinic,” says Amy.

Veterinarians Jason Blick and Jacqui Burdon assist with the sterilisations. Both of whom feel the initiative is a worthy cause.

“It helps minimise unwanted pets, as well as feral cats and stray dogs from breeding even more,” says Dr Burdon.

From rehoming animals to helping educate people on animal care, as well as caring for strays, Amy encourages the community to contact them via their Facebook page for assistance.

“We are a safe place and there is no form of judgement,” Amy says, emphasising that the main aim of their initiative is the wellbeing of Newcastle’s animals.

Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

If you want to make a positive impact on the lives of Newcastle’s animals, be sure to visit @newcastlefurrytails on Facebook.

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