DBM Attorneys welcomes Nqobile Nkosi as one of the firm’s newest directors

Nqobile Nkosi, DBM Attorneys, Newcastillian
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The legal world is made up of individuals who strive to see justice prevail. Individuals who stand up for what is right.

In the quest to see truth prevail, attorneys often find themselves in the forefront of legal proceedings. But, attorneys do more than litigation. Not all their battles take place in the court. There are attorneys who offer their clientele a sense of security in more ways than one.

Nqobile Nkosi is one such individual. She is an attorney who is driven by a deep-seated passion for law. A Conveyancer and qualified notary, specialising in property and municipal property matters.

Such is her drive and love for law, that as of June 1, she became a director at DBM Attorneys. An accomplishment which reflects her desire to help her clients.

“I started at DBM Attorneys in 2016, doing my articles. At the time, I was doing litigation. But when I moved to the property division for more experience, I fell in love with it,” she enthuses.

What is it about property law that Nqobile enjoys so much?

“Property is a person’s biggest asset and one of the most valuable resources in South Africa. However, not everyone is educated on the importance of acquiring their title deeds and the legalities involved in owning or purchasing property,” she explains.

Through her career and experience, Nqobile says she can help educate people and assist them on their journey in the property world.

“It is a beautiful journey. Having your own title deeds gives you a sense of freedom. I also love seeing how happy people are once I have helped them,” Nqobile smiles.

Furthermore, Nqobile also puts a lot of emphasis on the necessity of ensuring one keeps their Will up to date. She says this helps the families in property legalities when a loved one passes away.

“When couples get married, I also like to explain to them that they do not have to get married in community of property. There are other options.”

As much as she enjoys her career and dealing with property, Nqobile says her journey was not always an easy one.

Through her journey at DBM Attorneys, acquiring the necessary knowledge, Nqobile says there is a lot of work behind the scenes. Work which involves studying and research.

“The exams were daunting, but I have grown a lot since joining DBM Attorneys. All the directors, especially Lezea Grobler and Alisia Peens, helped me develop and grow in my career,” Nqobile explains.

However, what led Nqobile into a world of law?

“Like a lot of youngsters, I initially wanted to become a doctor. That is until I did biology and science in school and realised, I would have an issue with blood,” she laughed.

Nqobile says she then considered becoming either an economist or an attorney. Upon being accepted to university, she realised where her passion was.

“My first love is law and growing up in a township, I was exposed to different things and I knew that I wanted to make a difference.”

As she reaches out to others through her career, making a difference in the lives of her clients, Nqobile finds that her biggest role model and guiding star is her mother.

“My mother is my role model. She is an extremely strong woman. When my father passed away, she carried our family and without an education, she went out and started her own business and saw that we were all cared for.”

This sense of duty and love has had a lasting affect on Nqobile, reflecting in her career.

With her sights set on the future, her career and the community, Nqobile Nkosi is truly an individual who thrives on seeing people flourish.

Pixelfish Marketing and the Newcastillian extend a heartfelt congratulations to Nqobile Nkosi on securing her position as a director at DBM Attorneys.


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One Response

  1. Congratulations Nqobile Nkosi. When you were giving the task to work with municipality by your firm I knew that you were destined for greater heights.

    Shine Ngwane shine. Those are the fruits of hardwork.

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