7 people arrested by local police, after selling tobacco products and liquor

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As the nationwide lockdown continues, local police officers are ensuring the respective regulations are being enforced. Over the past week, local enforcement has been clamping down on offenders, bringing perpetrators to book.

On June 12, Osizweni Policing Area, in conjunction with Osizweni Crime Prevention members, Osizweni Reservists and members of the KZN Liquor Board conducted an intelligence-driven operation. This operation ended on June 14, with the authorities determined to see justice prevail.

In Section A of Osizweni, on June 12, while patrolling on the KwaMaKhanya public road, the team came across a man selling tobacco products.

On June 13, the team went to a house in Section C, Osizweni. At the house, a man was arrested for also selling an array of various tobacco products and cigarettes.

Another arrest was made on June 13, after the team took a woman from the Inverness Area, Osizweni, into custody. This is after she was discovered selling alcohol from her home.

A third arrest was made on June 13. A man living on the Hlatshwayo Stand, Osizweni, was found selling cigarettes to the public.

Furthermore, on June 13, at the G2 Tavern in Osizweni, a man was arrested for selling liquor.

In the Mndozo area, Osizweni, another arrest was made when the team discovered a man was selling tobacco products from his home.

Then on June 14, in Osizweni Section B, a man was arrested for selling tobacco products.

The Newcastle SAPS Communications Department deems the intelligence-driven operation a success, following on the arrests of those infringing on the COVID-19 Disaster Management Act of 2020

The estimate value of the tobacco products, which were confiscated, is approximately R7000. The confiscated liquor has an estimated value of R3000.

While the suspects now face charges, an alleged drug dealer was also arrested during the intelligence-driven operation. The man who hails from Osizweni Section A, was found with 58 full mandrax tablets.

As police investigations continue, what are your thoughts on the arrests of those caught selling cigarettes and liquor? Share your thoughts and views with us in the comment section below.

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