AfriForum offers a helping hand to local schools

AfriFourm, Newvastillian
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During the current global pandemic, safety and cleanliness has become of the utmost importance. Especially at schools, where children interact with their friends and classmates.

Currently, there are 58 568 confirmed cases in South Africa. A daunting figure for those who must send their children to school. However, as children return to their classrooms, schools are taking the relevant steps to safeguard both the learners and the school staff.

But, over recent weeks, several organisations have stepped forward to assist local schools. Showing the community, that through solidarity, COVID-19 can be held back.

AfriForum is one such organisation, donating sanitation packages and hands-free sanitisers to local schools. Ensuring that both learners and school staff are as safe as possible.

Peet Liebenberg from AfriForum explains that prior to schools opening, AfriForum took to social media. Reaching out to local schools, the organisation invited schools to apply for help.

“The project focused on schools reopening. It is part of a youth initiative and by focusing on the youth, we were able to ensure the staff were also safe.”

AfriForum received an overwhelming response from local schools. Over the past week, the organisation donated several sanitation packages to Ferrum High School, Drakensberg Primary, Newcastle Senior Primary, Arbor Park Primary, Busy Bee Primary and Amajuba School.

AfriForum, Newcastillian
Charmaine Myburgh, prinicipal of Ferrum High School, with Peet Liebenberg of AfriForum.

While supplying the schools with sanitation packages, AfriForum also provided educational literature with the donations. The literature provides children and staff with the necessary information to protect themselves from COVID-19.

Well done to AfriForum for rising to the challenge and supporting local schools during this difficult time.

AfriForum, Newcastillian
Peet Liebenberg of AfriForum with Charlene Lombard, Vice Principal of Amajuba School.

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