Department of Home Affairs resumes additional services during Level 3 lockdown

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Level 3 of the lockdown has brought a certain degree of normality and relief, with certain regulations being eased.

With several people now resuming work, the Department of Home Affairs will be providing a number of services which were unavailable prior to the lifting of Level 4.

However, as the country enters Level 3, the Department of Home Affairs continues to balance the need of offering the community access to enabling documents. All this, while ensuring its employees and people visiting their offices interact in a safe environment.

During Level 3, the Department of Home Affairs will provide marriage services and receive requests for late registration of birth, by appointment.

This is in addition to the services rendered in level 4, namely:

  • Issuance of uncollected Identity Documents.
  • Issuance of temporary identity certificates.
  • Registration of births and deaths.
  • Reissue of birth and death certificates.
  • Issuance of passports to those in export and cargo transport.
  • Home Affairs offices will continue opening from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am until 3.30 pm.

For marriages, couples are required to book an appointment, by calling their nearest Home Affairs Office.

On the day of the marriage, couples are requested to visit their offices with only their witnesses to keep the numbers of people at the offices at a bare minimum.

An appointment is also required when applying for a late registration of birth (LRB). This refers to a birth registration application lodged after 30 days of such a birth.

Children born during the lockdown will not follow the LRB process. This includes children who were born from 26 February 2020, but could not be registered because of the lockdown.

Between March 27 and May 28, a total of 133 251 births were registered. Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal each registered more than 27 000 children during this period.

Deaths registered were 68 768.

A total of 55 761 temporary identity certificates were issued, showing a high demand for these certificates as is the case also for re-issuance of birth certificates.

In total, 51 844 birth certificates were replaced. To support economic activity and food security, 475 passports were issued to those in export and cargo transport.

Only 66 665 uncollected smart ID cards were cleared. This is a drop in the ocean considering that the number of uncollected smart ID cards exceeds 411 000.

The Department invites citizens whose smart ID cards are not yet collected to visit offices where they had applied, to collect their smart IDs.

All offices were disinfected. People visiting Department of Home Affairs offices are requested to wear masks and to observe social distancing protocols inside and outside the offices.

As part of coordinated security operations, the Inspectorate will ensure that any undocumented or illegal nationals who are detained will be subject to deportation.

Refugee reception offices remain closed. However, permits issued lawfully, and expired during the lockdown, would be deemed to be valid until 31 July 2020.

No visa or permitting functions will be open in SA and at Missions abroad during Level 3 lockdown.

For further enquires, the public can contact 800 60 90 11 or


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