SA Post Office warns of hoax email doing its rounds

While the country eases into level 3 of the nationwide lockdown, several South Africans are still facing overwhelming obstacles.

As many South Africans struggle to generate an income during these difficult times, scam artists are still prowling on unsuspecting victims.

However, it seems that con artists are now posing as officials from the South African Post Office. This follows a statement issued by SA Post Office, warning the public of a hoax email doing its rounds.

The South African Post Office claims it has come to their attention that unknown sources are circulating emails, which appears as if though they were sent by the SA Post Office acting CEO, Adv. Ivumile Nongogo.

The email is being sent to various members of the public, the SA Post Office’s customers and its employees.

“The contents of these emails vary, but they are mostly designed to tempt the recipient to respond to a request of some sort, such as a personal favour from Adv. Ivumile Nongogo,” the SA Post Office claims.

However, the SA Post Office advises the public that these emails are a hoax and should be ignored. Especially given that the emails bear all the markings of a phishing scam.

“The emails are sent from a ‘Gmail’ email address (Ivumile Nongogo < and we advise the public that Adv. Ivumile Nongogo is not the owner of that email account, neither does he utilize his personal email to conduct SA Post Office business,” the SA Post Office explains.

Members of the public, customers and employees are urged to delete the email on receipt.

Be sure to practice caution when receiving emails and avoid sending private information.

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