Johnny Msimanga beats the lockdown blues through sports

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Since the implementation of the nationwide lockdown, sports enthusiasts have found themselves unable to indulge in their favourite sports.

However, Johnny Msimanga has not allowed the lockdown to dampen his passion for tennis. Instead, he is using the lockdown as an opportunity to boost his fitness levels and sharpen his skills.

As a professional tennis coach at St Dominics Newcastle, Johnny explains there are several benefits to playing tennis.

One of the benefits of tennis, Johnny explains, is that a person can play the sport well into one’s old age, unlike a lot of other sports. He adds it exercises all your body’s muscles. Furthermore, as it involves a lot of thinking and instant decision making, tennis can stimulate your mind as well.

How does Johnny ensure he maintains his fitness levels away from the tennis courts?

“When the lockdown first began, I started running around my house and would manage an average of 5.3km.”

Now with the regulations eased, Johnny explains he walks around the block on a regular basis.

Getting his fair share of fitness in, Johnny explains that also practices tennis with his grandson at home. “We play twice or thrice a week with each other,” he explains.

As a sports enthusiast and a tennis coach, why does Johnny feel it is so important to focus on fitness during these trying times?

“If you don’t maintain your fitness levels now, you will struggle when you return to work. Furthermore, people are extremely stressed now due to the lockdown. Due to the stress levels people are now facing, exercise allows you to destress and unwind.”

Furthermore, Johnny adds that by maintaining your fitness levels, people can ensure they boost their immune systems.

“Exercise also assists people in controlling their diabetes and hypertension. It also keeps your blood pressure under control.”

While it is unclear when sporting activities such as tennis will resume, Johnny explains people can still train. “You can watch tennis videos on the internet and television. Not only will this keep you focused on the sport, you can also get tips in this way.”

As Johnny combats the lockdown blues through training, he reflects Knute Rockne, the American Football player’s words of wisdom.

“One man practising sportsmanship is far better than 50 preaching it,” Knute Rockne.

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