Jocks Rampersadh escapes the lockdown’s monotony through creativity

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During the nationwide lockdown, scores of people have found themselves with little to occupy their waking hours with.

While some have found an escape from the monotony through social media, television or books, Jocks Rampersadh has found a creative way to occupy himself at home.   

“I began the lockdown with an A4 paper, jotting down things that needed my attention around the house. But once I finished all the chores, I needed something more to occupy my time, as I am not one that can just sit still,” the 74-year-old explains.

It was then that an idea blossomed. As a former metalwork teacher, Jocks decided to build a metal structure using car parts.

“The idea was initially to keep myself busy. So, I started messaging people I knew, who could possibly assist me with the parts I needed,” Jocks explains.

Once he had acquired the necessary parts, he quickly got to work with the assistance of his grandson, Mahilan.

“I owe a special thanks to the Kwik Fit staff, Haroon Ramsaroop and his son, Roy Dubree of Spring Specialists, Zane from Zero Defect, as well as R & R Engineering. They assisted me tremendously by donating the parts I needed. Once I had all the material, it took me a week to complete the structure.”

After hours of work, Jocks decided to spruce up his front yard with the structure. But first, he needed assistance in moving erecting his project at his front gate and painting it.

“I was fortunate to meet an old student of mine, Laswell, who brought a block and tackle to me so I could erect it with the assistance of three men, Bongani, Themba and Nathi. Another old student of mine, Sujith, spray painted the structure for me.”

Jocks Rampersadh, Newcastillian

With the structure gaining admiring glances and remarks from passers-by, Jocks said the structure offered him the ideal opportunity to keep himself busy.

“I didn’t build it from any sketch or diagram. I built it entirely from my own imagination and creativity,” he smiles.

While the lockdown regulations ease and South Africans enter Level 3 of the nationwide lockdown, Jocks encourages others to fill their time with DIY projects. “I will even assist people if they want,” Jocks concludes with a smile.

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