COVID-19 lockdown food drive needs the community’s assistance, as the lockdown continues

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The nationwide lockdown endures, with thousands of people finding their lives changing in a state of turmoil.

Unable to work, there are residents whose only source of income for food has come to a grinding halt. Now sitting in their homes, these people now face a bleak challenge. How do they feed themselves and their children? How are they going to see the lockdown through without being able to provide for their loved ones?

With several families in and around Newcastle suffering from extreme poverty and a shortage of food, as a direct result of the lockdown, the time has come for the community to band together in these challenging times.

A food drive began shortly after the implementation of the lockdown in March, where food hampers are being made and distributed to families in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Driven by Ithemba Security, the initiative is one of epic proportions, with thousands of people fed to date.

With the lockdown continuing, the hardship faced by families increases almost daily. More and more families are finding themselves facing immense challenges with a lack of income and food.

Yet, the food drive endures. Each day, it continues supporting families in need. However, it cannot continue helping those in need without the support of the community at large. The organisers are calling on sponsors, to help ensure the less fortunate within Newcastle do not go without food.

Three local supermarkets have contributed to the cause, donating items which had damaged packaging.

With a degree of uncertainty surrounding the lockdown and how long it will take before life as we know it resumes, the organisers of the drive are inviting local supermarkets, businesses and residents to unite for a common cause.

For those who wish to contribute to the worthy cause, contact Andrè on 083 258 6071, Adele on 073 272 7247 or Charity on 064 412 5654.

Be sure to contribute to this cause and help save a family today.  

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