Nil Desperandum looks at the community for assistance, during the lockdown

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As Newcastillians continue to endure the nationwide lockdown, enduring obstacles along the way, there are those who must endure the lockdown without their families.

Situated at 92 Bird Street, is the Association for the Physically Challenged, Nil Desperandum. An organisation which has become a home for the physically handicapped of Newcastle.

As a beacon of light to those with disabilities, Nil Desperandum offers its residents constant, love-filled care. Running 24-hours a day, with the staff continuously on duty to care for the residents.

The bulk of the residents are wheelchair-bound, while others face mental disabilities. Therefore, the staff lovingly show constant vigilance and care.

However, as staff dedicate themselves to the care of the residents, Nil Desperandum needs the community’s assistance during this difficult time.

Eleanor van der Westhuizen of Nil Desperandum explains the home is looking for donations.

“We would appreciate hand sanitisers, face masks for both the staff and residents, as well as gloves and food items,” Eleanor explains.

Anyone who can assist the home; can contact Nil Desperandum on 034 315 4003.

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