Lynsey Forbes, a loving mother, wife, daughter and friend, whose name will be remembered

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On April 18, Newcastle lost a member of its community. A woman who was known for her cheery smile and bubbly laughter.

Lynsey Forbes was a loving and devoted wife. She was a doting mother, daughter, sister and a friend to many. Lynsey was also an avid golfer, bowler and cyclist who annually competed in The Amashova and The Argus to name but a few.

Together with her husband Norman, the couple proudly owns the popular Pub & Grill, Melos, which is well known for its live music, famous Melos Pizzas and overall great vibe. Which will now sadly not have Lynsey’s smile, sense of humour and loving personality radiating throughout the business.

As a person who thrived to see others happy, Lynsey believed in giving back to the community and together with her husband, they hosted Melos Golf Days which were enjoyed by everyone and raised funds for different charities in town. 

Throughout the years, Lynsey has touched the lives of many residents and has left behind a beautiful and unforgettable legacy.

Her easy-going, friendly and loving nature will be sorely missed by many. To those who knew her, Lynsey was an amazing person, always ready to help anyone in need. She gave freely of herself and never expected anything in return. This angelic soul is and will always be loved and celebrated by all who had the privilege of knowing her. 

As her family and friends come to terms with her tragic demise, the family now has to contend with rumours on her cause of death.

On April 19, a media publication published an article about Lynsey’s death. An article which the family explain was misleading and false. Publishing the article against the family’s wishes, the media publication allegedly refused to remove the article, despite a public outcry.

But what led to Lynsey’s sudden death?

In a statement issued by family and friends, it explained that on April 17, Lynsey was admitted to Mediclinic Newcastle after a brief illness at home. The illness started with a sore throat, sore ears, swollen glands and a fever.

The 37-year-old mother’s two young children had recently had a bout of what she thought was mumps.

She had not gone to the doctor due to the current lockdown conditions and she asked advice from a family friend, who is a health care worker. All the symptoms the boys portrayed were in accordance with what one gets with mumps.

Lynsey was in good health on Monday, April 13. Such was her health, that she even did her spinning exercises in her lounge.

However, during the early hours of Tuesday morning, April 14, Lynsey developed a sore throat and by Wednesday, April 15, her glands were swollen. Both she and her husband were experiencing these symptoms. But they thought they had both caught something from the boys

On Thursday, April 16, her condition deteriorated and by Friday morning, April 17, she was extremely weak and was battling to breathe. Her husband took her to the casualty unit at the hospital.

On arrival, her husband was immediately separated from Lynsey, as he was also coughing. They were questioned on their recent travel movements. But besides recently flying to Cape Town on March 8 for The Argus and being in Ballito prior to that, they had not left the country. Both had only done domestic travel.

Lynsey was taken to ICU as her blood oxygen levels were low and her BP was also extremely low. Due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, certain healthcare workers at the hospital assumed her symptoms were related to COVID-19 and treated her accordingly.

Tests were taken, as well as the COVID-19 tests which were done on both her and her husband. Her husband then had to leave her and was not allowed to stay with her until the tests came back. On April 18, Lynsey’s condition continued to deteriorate even after being intubated and put on dialysis.

However, she sadly passed away at approximately 6pm on April 18.

Doctors told the family that her heart had stopped due to organ failure. The doctors did not give an actual cause of death, as they were still waiting for the COVID-19 tests to return.

But due to the current hype around the COVID19 pandemic, the speculation was that Lynsey’s death was from COVID-19. This is despite that no actual cause was yet given.

On April 19, the COVID-19 tests came back and both her and her husband’s tests were negative.

Lynsey’s husband was asked to go for a second round of tests on April 19. The second round of tests for Lynsey was also sent away.

The results were confirmed on April 21, that the second tests on Lynsey and her husband were both negative again.

Mediclinic Newcastle released a statement, saying that there were no COVID-19 cases at Mediclinic Newcastle.

On April 22, the last batch of bacterial tests that had been done came back and it was concluded that Lynsey had died from the Streptococcus Pneumonia bacteria. Her cause of death was Toxic Shock due to Strep Pneumonia and mumps. Her death had absolutely nothing to do with COVID-19.”

As her family and friends deal with the aftermath of losing Lynsey, her memory will live forever in the hearts of those who loved her.

“Lynsey was one of the kindest people, with the biggest heart, I know. Her boys and Norman were her life and her family and friends meant everything to her. Lynsey had such a chilled outlook on life and lived life to the fullest. Her friendship meant the world to me and her loss has left a huge void in my and all her friends and family’s lives,” concludes Kirsten Wade, a close friend of Lynsey..

The family would like to thank everyone from the community that helped them through this difficult time.

A special thanks to the kind people who helped with meals on a daily basis. Also, to Dr Francois Van Niekerk, Bronwyn Minnie and Dr Larika Robb for their assistance. As well as Mr Bryn Thomas and Mrs Muller from St Dominics Newcastle.

Pixelfish Marketing and the Newcastillian extends its heartfelt condolences to Lynsey’s family and friends.  

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