St Dominics Newcastle prepares to welcome new Executive Head, Chad Moses

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Known for academic excellence, St Dominics Newcastle continuously strives to enhance the lives of its learners.

As each educator diligently guides their learners to new heights, the school’s Executive Head often works behind the scenes, steering the school along its path.

As of July 1, Chad Moses will be taking over the steering of the school from the school’s current Executive Head, Bryn Thomas.

Moses began his journey in the education in 2004, fulfilling a number of roles within the educational sphere.

“My first full-time position was as an educator and sport-coordinator at St Paulus Primary, Pretoria. This was soon followed up by a position at Woodhill College, in the years before it was acquired by Curro Holdings.”

Moses currently holds the position of Executive Head at Reddford House The Hills in Pretoria.

Through his career in education, Moses has experienced several highlights. However, he says it is often difficult to pick just one highlight as an Executive Head.

Highlights include his current school’s very first matric results. As was building up a leadership structure at the school, as well as seeing the school and its community grow and flourish.

Having lived in Pretoria his whole life, what led Moses to accept the role as Executive Head at St Dominics Newcastle?

“St Domincs is a school with a rich heritage and history. It is a school with a reputation for excellence. On our very first to the school, my family and I fell in love with the school and felt so welcomed by the school community,” he explains.

While only officially joining Curro Holdings and taking on his role as Executive Head from July 1, Moses explains he is impressed and encouraged by the warm, welcoming and supportive sentiment that he has received from various office bearers, and soon to be colleagues within the group.  

During his time at St Dominics Newcastle, Moses explains he will be focusing on ensuring that the standard of excellence is upheld throughout the entire school. 

“I will be working on ways to build on the great work done by Mr Thomas and the team at the school.” 

How does Moses feel St Dominics Newcastle and Curro Holdings can help develop children?

“The standard of holistic education offered at St Dominics, as well as throughout the Curro group of schools, allows for areas in which our children can grow and develop their own potential and talents.”

Furthermore, Moses says the Leaners to Leaders phrase synonymous with the Curro group of schools is a perfect example of this holistic development. It shows that children at St Dominics and within Curro have the privilege of aspiring to, becoming leaders within their fields of interest, whether it be purely academics, sport, culture or outreach by the equipping of skills and competencies during their time at our schools.

With years of experience within the educational sector and as he prepares for his role at St Dominics Newcastle, Moses explains there has been a driving force during his career.

“I am internally motivated, and I believe my faith has prompted me to avail myself and my skill set where necessary. One of the biggest motivators is to make a difference in the work that we do, this serves as a constant reminder to me. 

As he and his family brace themselves to set their roots in Newcastle, Moses says they are looking forward to the move.

“My family and I look forward to meeting the people of Newcastle. We look forward to understanding the rhythms of everyday life and Newcastle as well as learning more about the town. My family and I cannot wait to join you all soon. We look forward to positively impacting the lives of members of the community of Newcastle particularly members of our school community.”

The Newcastillian welcomes Chad Moses and his family to Newcastle, as they prepare to come to town within the coming months.


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