Newcastillians bonding with their pets during lockdown

Maya with her furry friends, Milo, Alex and Oreo.
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The nationwide lockdown is a serious matter, as each South African does their part in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

However, as serious as the situation is, pets are delighted that their humans are spending more time at home.

On April 10, the Newcastle asked readers to participate in the selfie-pet challenge. We now look at people and their pets bonding during the lockdown.

Mic’Al with little Bubbles.
Belinda Ellor with her little Romeo.
Preshal Prag enjoys a cold one with his bestie.
Barend and Doonsie enjoying the lockdown together.
Marilize and Bella.
Aubrie Schoombee with Mieshkin.
Sharlene Kritzinger with Blackie.
Fanus and Peanut enjoy some time on the couch.
Monty Steele enjoys a nap with Roxy.
Mishti cuddles with her human Keshani Maharaj.
Krystal Matthee with Boetie.
PJ van der Merwe with one of his best friends, Killer.
Sanmari Agenbag with her pet rats, Aries and Luna.
Chloe Bezuidenhout with Patsy Ann.
Two besties enjoying the lockdown.
Janthie Maharaj with Coco.
Brittney and Tippie.
Chester Maharaj with Coco.
Maya with her furry friends, Milo, Alex and Oreo.
Antoinette McDonald with her Jack Russel, Maya.
Andries Badenhorst cuddles with Dublin.
Chane with her little friend, Kleintjie.
JP Hiscock spends time with his buddy.
Dylan and Benjamin enjoying their time together.
Mercia Deetlefs with Zena.
Michael Oosthuizen and Bella,
Zander Oosthuizen with Snuggles.
Michelle Petersen and Tyson.
Jeanine Hiscock enjoys some cuddle time with her bestie.
Darrol and Beauty.
Barry Petersen with Sonic the Hedgehog.
Nicolene Hitge with her loving pets.
Corey with his human, Umitha Govender.
Anèl du Plessis with her albino Ballpython, Nyx.
Lani Mokoena and her Fluffy share a moment.
Schoombee, Jodine and Mieshkin with her pets during the lockdown.
It is selfie time.
Keith Solomon and Jasper enjoying some bonding time.


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