Bheki Gumbi, bringing art to life through his wooden sculptors

Bheki Gumbi
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In a world where true beauty comes in fleeting moments, art holds a moment of beauty for centuries.

Leonardo da Vinci felt the same when he said, “A beautiful body perishes, but a work of art does not.”

For centuries art has played a major role in mankind’s existence. It captures our thoughts, our desires and our pursuit for meaning in life. Art is more than just paintings and sculptures. It is a form of expression that proves mankind is capable of extraordinary beauty.

Bheki Gumbi is a local artist whose work has appeared in both local and national galleries. His passion for art unrivalled.

Bheki Gumbi

“I began making wood sculptures in 1981, after I realised, I have a talent in wood carvings,” he smiles,

The moment he began carving, Bheki’s passion engulfed him. His desire to create beautiful sculptures seeing him focusing on historical South African figures and culture.

As his talent developed, Bheki soon took the South African art scene by storm. He has had a exhibition in Durban in 2010 and another in Mpumalanga in 2019.

His work has also appeared in Newcastle’s Carnegie Art Gallery.

What does art mean to Bheki?

Bheki explains art means a love for his work, as well as creating that something that resonates the beauty of South Africa and its people’s cultures.

As he strives to continuously create remarkable wood scultpures, Bheki says he dreams of seeing his work of art exhibited displayed in an exhibit overseas.

Until he fulfils his dreams, be sure to look out for Bheki Gumbi and his artwork.


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