Shani Mason promoting fitness via the digital world during the COVID-19 lockdown

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As South Africans attempt to adjust to our new lifestyle during the 21-day national lockdown, many people are looking at innovating ways to maintain their fitness levels.

While looking at ways to keep fit in order to keep cabin fever at bay, there are fitness instructors who have evolved with the times. One such individual is Shani Mason, who does online Piloxing classes.

“Currently, our Piloxing classes are free for all online, as we have been testing it to see what works,” Shani says.

But how does it work?

“All you need is your mobile smartphone or PC with a webcam and good internet. Download the Zoom app and sign up. Once you have made contact with a trainer for the Meeting ID Click on join a meeting and enter the ID code provided by your professional Piloxing instructor,” Shani explains.

According to Shani, while the process works perfectly fine on a person’s phone and even gives a preview of how you will be displayed to your instructor. “Don’t worry if you do not want to be seen that’s fine you can choose to join without video,” Shani adds.

It is important to note that it is important to place your phone or PC/laptop where you have enough space to move around and see the screen for instruction. Furthermore, due to internet bandwidth/providers and different hardware/software, Shani explains it is slow at first but once you get the hang of it very enjoyable.

How often are classes held and how long are the lessons?

Shani explains that as of April 6, Piloxing classes will take place twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8am. Each class is 30minutes long.

“It is just enough to get your heart rate up and a small sweat session to start your day,” Shani adds.

What exactly is Piloxing?

“A Piloxing SSP class is a high energy fusion of boxing, standing Pilates and a little bit of cardio-based dance. It’s a lot of fun and suitable for the whole family. My little 2-year-old hops around in front of the screen and tries out the moves with me. It’s something positive.”

Why is fitness and classes such as Piloxing so important during the lockdown?

“During lockdown, we are unfortunately confined to smaller spaces resulting in sitting and hopefully not, but I am sure, eating is also becoming a more frequent habit. In conjunction with health and fitness benefits, for some sort of sanity and regularity in our very upside down current world, Piloxing brings together similar like-minded women and helps reassure them that they are not alone,” Shani explains.

Furthermore, she explains it creates a platform which motivates movement and puts you in a great mood.

“Especially the morning sessions sets an enthusiastic mood for the day. During this passive time, we need to release some feel-good endorphins and enjoy a little positive escape from what’s happening outside.”

Shani adds that people can use these sessions as their escape, as it is a great way to embrace life and yourself. “Or a great way to bond with whomever you are sharing your lockdown space with. Make it fun and enjoy every moment of it you don’t need to be anywhere else anyway.”

How does one sign up?

To sign up all you need to do is pay R150 send proof of payment via WhatsApp or messaging to 072 375 5174 and you will receive the ID to join in classes for the remainder of our lockdown period until April 16. Once you receive your ID/Password join the meeting and wait until you’re accepted.

People can also follow Shani on her Instagram page, @fitvibes_by_shani

As Shani promotes fitness during the 21-day lockdown, be sure you do your share of exercise to keep cabin fever at bay during the remainder of the lockdown.

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