OPINION ARTICLE: Why we fear the new predator, COVID-19 to the point of ignorance and arrogance

“It is the reality that we are mortal and more importantly that we are on the food chain. It is a predator we cannot see. Our tools are rendered almost useless against it and we all know it is hunting us. Aware that it has us before we even know it is there. This grounds us, removes our ego and stature in life, we become equals again. Judged only by our ability to survive this new predator and our own ignorance of its capabilities. ”  

For decades, we as people have lost our minds in freedom. Seems like a strange statement, just humour me for a moment if you will. 

We are a species that when not challenged nor under threat, lose ourselves in our own imaginations. We all conjure up opinions and outlooks, create issues and are always at war with someone or something. Why do you think we all share those traits regardless of our culture or country? 

Our worlds become soaked in status, filled only with motivation for wealth and social standings. Driven by celeb-like lifestyles at all costs. Slowly we lose our connection to each other and the planet, as we stockpile an endless amount of pointless nonsense between ourselves. 

Regardless of culture or country, we are all guilty of being ignorant. We are guilty of allowing our species to think it is above this planet and its rules and requirements. We as a people are the alpha species; yet are ruthless to everything else who calls this earth home. I am not just referring to the treatment of animals for your food and entertainment which you “cannot live without”.

I am speaking about how we will kill spiders in our homes, ironically using the family Bible with no consciousness of the fact that we are taking a sentient creature’s life whilst professing goodness or kindness.

We as people think we are doing right by forwarding content on global warming and the over-fishing of our oceans. But, will eat fish daily as part of a diet plan, to lose the weight gained, from gorging the planet. Worst of all, we then blame the food industry, television, for the weight gain. Once again creating far-fetched theories to support our motives as a species.

We are the animals on this planet who made it. You live on this earth; therefore you are without question not only dependant on its food, air and water. You are at its mercy every day, every minute. Each breath you take is a reminder that you are one of the lucky ones who are alive and not looking at the roof of a church. You got to live another day, unlike so many souls who died whilst you were just reading this article.

The ignorance during the COVID-19 outbreak has been one of the biggest eye-openers for me, thus far in my life. I never realised that we as the human race are so far down the ego rabbit hole that we will ignore the greatest threat to us and our way of life. You do realise the last time the world came to grinding halt was during World War 2. I wonder if people took that seriously….?!

Or are people that switched off from general reality, due to them living in their created worlds, that accepting the reality of COVID-19 is just too much for their minds to digest, so they just end up ignoring it, like a mental block? Believing that flawed statement, “It won’t happen to me”.

You do realise that if you allow this new predator to gain ground in not only your world but everyone’s worlds, this “grounder of humanity” will be around for a long time to come. Remember those dreams you had of opening your own business after university? Having a big birthday bash with your mates at Sun City? Or getting married in Greenland under the Northern Lights? Every dream you have, everything you have worked for, will be either halted or destroyed. Imagine losing your house or car simply because the company you are employed with could not trade for 6 months due to negligence on people’s behalf? Or terrifyingly, being the cause of someone you care about’s death. That will consume you, beyond the financial ruin. 

What then? Will you then acknowledge this epic hunter and its impact on your life? Will you then #stayathome? Why does mankind have to be reduced to rubble before it applies common sense? Every time we do not act like the leading species, we pay for it. Don’t believe me, pick up a history book. One person can literally change the world, but it takes the rest of us to make that change stick, good or bad, it is that simple. Just ask the first patient of COVID-19. One person, from the east part of the map, was able to infect a globe in record time. Do not underestimate the power of this planet’s motivation.

I am seeing young people, parents with children having social gatherings, living like this is a paid holiday. These people are not only endangering themselves but everyone else around them. It is like having an armed group of people randomly shooting guns in a crowd. Eventually, innocent people will suffer. This is not the time to stand your ground against an invisible threat. This is the time for you to hope and pray that we can overcome this in record time before everything goes to dirt.

No one ever asked why we have COVID-19? Why every decade or so or century we have to live through another pandemic which wipes out millions of us. Why do you think the world does this? I hope you ask yourself these questions, as they are not only important in our understanding of the seriousness of the current challenges but as the same time makes us realise that this has nothing to do with opinion nor belief, this is the planets way of culling us, just like in all other animal kingdoms around us. This sentence might appear as harsh but once again that is your opinion over reality. 

Our duality and perception of ourselves is mind-boggling. We have forgotten that we are not special, we are not entitled to anything. You, like the rest of the life on this planet, have one purpose, one goal, survive against all odds and when historians look back on these days 100 years from now, what will they say? Will they speak about the idiots of 2020 who helped in whipping out not only themselves but their countries through arrogance or ignorance? 

I guess the answer lies with how you handle this from now until the all-clear.

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