Interview with cancer patient who came into contact with Ladysmith salon owner

Stay connected, stay safe, stay at home!

As Covid-19 begins its ramped spread throughout South Africa, we as the people of the country are obligated to act in accordance with the requirements of Government. 

This is not a time to be rebellious, stubborn, nor opinionated, as there are millions of lives at stake.

The vast majority of us are going to great lengths to support the immense efforts of our Government, stocking up on food items, closing our businesses for the next few weeks and of course staying at home. 

However, there are unpatriotic South Africans who are placing the wellbeing of others after their own needs and wants. People who are either waiting on test results or worse, have tested positive for Covid-19 and are then leaving their homes to go about their daily lives, spreading the virus like a dispensary system.

As we have all read, there is a man in Ladysmith who has been arrested for the above. A person who took it upon himself to ignore the orders of the Government and the medical industry.

The Newcastillian had the privilege of interviewing an elderly man (who wishes to remain anonymous, therefore we will call him Dave for the sake of the article) who came into contact with the salon owner in Ladysmith.  

“Dave” informed us that as an elderly man he has been taking great precautions in preventing coming into contact with the virus. This is not only due to him being in the upper part of the age bracket, but also due to him having cancer. 

As an elderly man with cancer, coming into contact with the Covid-19 virus could prove fatal.

“Dave”, like others thought he would go and have his haircut prior to the lockdown. Not knowing that this once simple outing could prove to be his undoing, as the Ladysmith salon owner was still operational. 

Sadly, this is where the story takes an even darker turn. Due to the upcoming lockdown, “Dave” asked his daughter, who lives in Johannesburg, to come home and be safe with her family during these trying times. “Dave’s” daughter also has cancer. 

“Dave” informed us that after realising he could potentially have contracted the virus from the salon owner, he immediately contacted the Covid-19 Hotline, but still, had not been able to through.

He then contacted the hospital who referred him onto Lancet, who stated that they are under immense pressure, due to the massive demand for Covid-19 tests. Therefore, he would need to wait two weeks to see if symptoms arise and if they do, he will then have to get to them for testing. This is a challenge for a man in his position, as he is not a normal case. 

Through one man’s negligence, an entire family could possibly be in dire straits within the next two weeks. Through a poor decision to not support the efforts of Government, multiple people and families could end up dealing with a catastrophe within the next few weeks. 

Clearly, the hotline is under immense pressure alongside the hospitals and laboratories. Which means that as South Africans, we must be even more conscious, as you could end up waiting a while just to get tested, let alone receive the results and then treatment. As South Africans, it is your responsibility to report any persons who have come into contact with the virus or have contracted it and are engaging with other people.

It is a time to think bigger than ourselves, a time to behave like the evolved, leading species on this planet and not like a selfish idiot. We have the potential to nip this in the bud and conversely be the bane of our people.

Any person who has come into contact with an infected person has a great responsibility thrust upon them. STAY AT HOME!

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