April to see a substantial drop in petrol prices, as motorists prepare for lockdown

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The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic can be seen around the globe, various nations doing their part to combat the viral coronavirus.

While tensions run high, there is a silver lining for motorists. One which can see them save further money within the upcoming month.

As of April, motorists can expect a drastic decline in petrol prices. According to an analyst, Jayson Dunne of Bastion Advisory, motorists can expect to see petrol decrease by R1.95, while the diesel price is expected to fall by R1.42.

The decrease in the local fuel prices is largely due to the coronavirus pandemic and production increases causing the oil prices to drop.

The Automobile Association has commented on the Central Energy Fund’s unaudited mid-month fuel price data, also stating that due to the massive retreat of international petroleum prices, there may be a drastic reduction in the fuel price by the end of March.

While there are a few days left before the final fuel prices are confirmed, it seems that South Africans have much to look forward when the nationwide lockdown comes to an end on April 16.

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